Friday, September 27, 2019

Minnesota Twins to play the Yankees or Astros to start playoffs-2017 reminder/Jesuits

I'm wondering about the MLB playoffs..the Yankees or the Astros... will start the playoffs against the Twins. Remember in 2017 when the Astros won, I was following a major Jesuit theme in connection to the Yankees and the Twins...then they played each other in the Wild Card...the Yankees won 8-4 like "Jesuit"=84. 
Minnesota Twins=84
I still think it's for the Astros, but I wanted to note this and see what happens. The Tyler Skaggs stuff was important to Los Angeles and the Astros reminding us of 2017...The Astros and Dodgers could both be the number 1 seeds in the playoffs...

Funny today is the Jesuit anniversary too, and I'm just now realizing this. The Astros are even playing the Angels today. 

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  1. James Pohlad (born 1953)[1] is the owner of the Minnesota Twins of the American League. He is the son of Eloise (O'Rourke) and businessman Carl Pohlad

    Minnesota Twins" = 190 (Jewish Ordinal)