Friday, September 27, 2019

Aurora Colorado Batman shooting victims concerned over "Joker" film coming out on 10/4

Interesting story as I've been saying all year that Donald Trump saying he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair is important...South Park's season premiere was even called "Mexican Joker" which I'm sure is connected to this as it's set in Colorado. 
10/4 when the film comes out leaves 88 days in the year. 

Interesting the new South Park is still all about Marijuana and "Tegridy"..
Four Hundred Twenty=88

It's funny as I looked at my death of Adam West post and I pointed out he died on Trump's 4th month 20th day as president reminding us of Marijuana.....Adam West died age 88 too. 

The film Joker comes out 76 days after the anniversary of the Aurora Theater shooting..

The Aurora shooting in 2019 was on 2/15....notice it was 7 months 20 days(end date) before this film comes out...
The Batman shooting on 7/20. 
The Dark Knight=215

I think a lot of the Batman stuff is important to 2020 as the shooting in Aurora in 2012 was on the 43rd anniversary of the Moon landing....this year it will be the 51st anniversary..
West died on 6/9 and it was 69 days before the anniversary of Batgirl dying...Trump was 69 years old when he said he was Batman...the Moon landing during the sign of Cancer that looks like a "69" in the year 69. 

I'm just wondering about Card games as well...
Joker card..
Trump Card...
King Card..
Queen Card..
Jack card....makes me think of Jack Nicholson being the Joker but who knows...

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