Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Jon Cryer says he didn't lose his virginity to Demi MOORE-Duck/Pink/Moore/Drowning theme

Demi MOORE said Jon Cryer lost his virginity to her? I just documented how the Drowning/Duck/Pink theme was important again and now this story? Remember Jon Cryer is DUCKIE on Pretty in PINK. Also remember the other part of that symbolism was a MOORE theme, and I even mentioned Demi Moore in regards to it lol. 
I swear it seems a lot of times, the news comes from people just reading my blog. I wonder if we get a GHOST or MOLLY story in the near future as that was the other pieces in all of that interrelated symbolism....

I'll try and look` MORE at this later, it's storming out and my only internet is from my phone...it's going super slow....Our other internet has been out for days and I'm not sure when the dumbasses will be here to fix it. 

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