Monday, September 2, 2019

Lyon, France Stabbing same day Anthoine Hubert dies-Flash Floods in Hells Gate-Lion King

There was a LYON, France stabbing the same day the racer Anthoine Hubert died. He was from LYON...
1 dead 9 injured? like a 19...
The victim who died was 19 years old...
Then we got the Lion King Floods in Kenya on 1/9/19?
I know LYON is not pronounced like "LION"..but in the United States most people see it that way. 

The Hells Gate Flood story comes 44 days after the Lion King came out in theaters in the US. 
Flash Flood=44
Hells Gate=44
Lion King=44, 91
Simba=44, 91
The story comes on 9/1...

Notice with the end date it also comes 1 month 24 days after the new Lion King came out in Hollywood...
The Lion King=124, 56

I like how they tell us 5 Kenyans and then 2 others...(52)
Tour Group=52
Flood=52, 25
6 people dead..."Six"=52
I only put "Pride" in here because I remember at one time a rumor was going around saying Simba would be gay in the new film...Think about a Lions PRIDE..Gay PRIDE. 

It's alos interesting to me that this story comes 202 days before Matthew Broderick's bday...He's the voice of Simba..
The Lion King=202(FB)
Matthew Broderick=227(FB)
This story comes 227 days after James Earl Jones bday...
I guess it doesn't have to mean anything..but I find it interesting...especially considering how much I've mentioned France and 227..

The Ethiopian Airlines crash on 3/10 that was important to the Lion symbolism was also 176 days(end date) before these floods. 
Hells Gate=176(FB)

I wonder about 9/19/19 still and it's interesting we would get a story involving the Lion King on 9/1/19 or 1/9/19..
King Charles III=91 and 244
9/1 is the 244th day of the year. 
Derek pointed out some interesting 244 stuff as well..
Wildlife Service=244
Think about the song, "I just can't wait to be King" as well...Charles has been waiting for a super long time to be king...
I always forget that Charles might also choose the name
King George VII=213

Just pointing it out as 9/1 is 2 months 13 days before Charles bday.....
Matthew Broderick's bday of 21/3...

Also "Haile Selassie"=227, 124, 52 and 176(FB)
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah...
Think about the film Tomb Raider being filmed here too...
It reminds me of Jesus and the Tomb...


  1. The prime minister of the bahamas is Hubert Minnis

  2. Also note that the late Anthoine Hubert was the driver of car 19 the make of the racing car was Renault, in English Ordinal Renault is a 91, As a name for boys it is of Latin origin and Renault means"ruler's advisor" ASSOCIATED with ruler (KING), advisor (counsel)

  3. Anthoine Hubert = 218 reverse ordinal like death extended and moon hebrew gematria
    Hubert = 395 Jewish That's one of the orbital resonance ratios for Earth and Venus 243:395