Monday, September 9, 2019

Sarah Palin getting a divorce-Alaska-Climate Change-Amazon employees plan walkout

I saw this story earlier about Amazon workers walking out because of climate issues...just reminds me of what I was saying with the Amazon Fires and Jeff Bezos getting divorced...Think how the Fires are connected to Climate Change and so on..

We also have 2 stories about Alaska currently on CNN...One about Climate Change and the other is Sarah Palin getting a divorce haha. 
I've also mentioned Alaska being important because of a theme with "Oil"..

A story about Sarah Palin on 9/9?
She was the 9th governor of Alaska who resigned in the year 09'. 
Sarah Palin=99
Sarah Louise Palin=99
31 years of marriage...and he wants custody of their 11 year old? 
11th prime is 31..
He filed in Anchorage, Alaska..AA...11

Todd Palin=41
He files on his 55th birthday too..

Sarah and Todd's bday's are 55 days apart and they are both 55 years old right now too. 

This story comes on Sarah Palin's 211th day of her age....Her bday is 2/11..

Also interesting..
Sarah Palin=310(Jewish)


  1. Anyone born in February is going to dominate their spouses, and besides that they are both dragons, so there would naturally be power struggles. It's like playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, but each time Sarah wins (February born).

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