Monday, September 9, 2019

Recent movies I watched randomly with Rufus Sewell in them-Dark City-I'll Follow You Down-The Matrix-Time-

About a week ago a Youtube thing popped up showing me that film "Knowing" was on Youtube. I hadn't watched the film in a long time, so I figured I would try and watch it. I fell asleep not too far in. I tried finishing it for multiple nights, but the same thing happened. I finally finished it a few nights ago..when it was over Youtube recommended the film "I'll Follow You Down". I read a bit of the plot on wikipedia and figured I'd try and watch it next. I just finished the film, and I started thinking there was something peculiar with one of the main characters in the film. The dad who discovers time travel in the film looked familiar so I looked him up...Rufus Sewell was his name....of course he is the main character in the film "Dark City", which is the last film I watched before "Knowing". 
Someone had commented on a video I made involving Kiefer Sutherland about the film "Dark City"...I swear I documented about it on this blog, but I can't find it...It came out before the Matrix, but had similar the main character awoke and had the powers of the beings that were keeping the city enslaved. It was all about "Memories" which is funny as I've mentioned before that this system somehow works by old memories and if you understand this past memories they can help you see the future...almost like memories can be used to time travel. 

So it's interesting that I'm being shown this Rufus Sewell guy for some reason...
Seeing the name Rufus I can't help but think of Bill and Ted getting shown how to use the Time Machine by Rufus....The first person they pick up is Napoleon....
The film Dark City came out on 2/27..
Plus Keanu Reeves being the main character in the Matrix, and there was something special about him a few months back...

I'll have to look through the Rufus guy's movies..

Also that film has Haley Joel Osment who is in A.I. that I watched a few months back because Youtube removed my Allen Iverson video...once again...The Matrix seems as though something is showing me that we live in a similar world...been saying this forever. I'm trying to understand the bigger meaning behind it all do we escape do we manipulate it? Are the elite people part of the system, or have they somehow escaped it? It doesn't seem this way considering everything they do is by the numbers...yet if everything happens for a reason, and everything is already supposed to happen...doesn't it seem that someone who figures out how to use it to their advantage is supposed to do so? I have a lot more questions than I do answers thats for sure. 

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