Monday, September 30, 2019

Year of the Pi G and my terrible internet

My internet has been out for days. I've had this service for around 10 years and it's always been terrible, but never this bad. Unfortunately there hasn't been anywhere else to get it, since I live in a small Iowa town. In the recent year or so there is a new company, that I've heard good and bad from....I'm finally changing over to them in hopes it will actually work, even if it runs a bit slower. They can't come out until Tuesday though, so I'm stuck with my minimal data on my phone...which already ran out and I had to buy more...and of course will still have to pay my internet bill although the shit hasn't worked for almost 2 weeks. 
Moral of the story, I haven't been able to watch videos as I don't want to run out of data, so I've been researching more about synchromysticism. and magic. 
I stumbled upon this blog above and they had a picture of "Pi" and the letter "G" in regards to the chinese Pig year....Also Freemasonry....The year of the Mathematician. 

I just find this funny as I mentioned "Pi" being important many times this year...and even mentioned this same connection with the G in freemasonry in connection to "Pi". 
The capital "G" has some interesting connections in the Francis Bacon ciphers as well. 
G=33, 13, 39, 46
33rd degree and so on..
13 Colonies and so on..
13 tripled is 39......Old Testament and so on..

I've probably already wrote this but.."Aleister Crowley"=215
He's not the only important thing to magic, but I know it's important to me naming our new child Alistair. 
I just noticed that our oldest child Claire is exactly 9 years 1 month 1 day older than Alistair too. 
Cowgill=215(fb) girlfriend and Claire's last name...
Cow Fish...I've always associated it with that lol. 
Behrendt...Bear Rent. 

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