Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mexican American War-Andrew Jackson-Other related Info that is somehow connected to recent events.

I was re looking at Albert Pike for some reason today. 
Dies on 4/2..."Freemason"=42

I noticed a few interesting things about him and it made me think about what is currently going on. 
First off he was in the Battle of Buena Vista. Which I have mentioned has something significant about it ever since the Boy got ate by the Alligator at Disney Land on Trumps 70th birthday. (Also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope). 
It was in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. 
Zachary Taylor=65 only president to die age 65 gained fame from this battle. He's the only president from Louisiana(Baton Rouge stuff this year).  He was inducted into the Society of the Cincinnati(Harambe..May 13th). 

The last person to be killed by a Gator before Lane Graves was Richard Zachary Taylor on 6/5. 
He was also 72 years old which is a number I noticed is significant in regards to Reagan and Trump. 
President Trump=72
John Hinckley Jr=72
He tried to assassinated Reagan because of Arthur Bremer who tried to assassinated the 45th governor of Alabama George Wallace in 1972.  Think about he 45th president. 

Anyway in regards to the Battle of Buena Vista, it was a battle in the Mexican-American War. Think about that in regards to Trump being the President. The guy who said he was going to build a wall between the US and Mexico, then wins the presidency on the 27th anniversary of the Berlin Wall being knocked down. 

Mexican-American War came to an end in 1848. 
1848 was also the year the HMS Terror was declared lost. When Queen Victoria was Queen. 
She ruled for 63 years. 
Francis Scott Key died age 63 (HMS Terror used in battle where he wrote Star Spangled Banner). 
Lane Thomas Graves=63(Boy Alligator)

Albert Pike born 6 months 3 days after Lincoln. 
Native American=63
Reno Nevada=63

Albert Pike worked a lot with the Native Americans during the Civil War. He negotiated an important treaty with John Ross the Chief of the Cherokee.  

Anyway this led me to find the Red Stick War. Remember a big thing I've mentioned is when Obama gave a speech in Baton Rouge at McKinley High School.  Baton Rouge named after the Red Stick marking the hunting boundaries of the Houma People. 
The Red Stick War was somewhat of a Civil War between the Creek Factions of Native Americans. It ended with the Treaty of Fort Jackson.

Andrew Jackson was responsible for the Indian Removal Act which was passed on the 148th day of 1830. 
Cleveland Indians=148
Andrew Jackson=48, 138=Donald Trump
Remember the boy ate by the alligator stems back to Steve King who is the Iowa Congressman. He's from Buena Vista County Iowa. The town of Storm Lake, Iowa that has Buena Vista University. 
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Storm Lake, Iowa in Buena Vista County. 
Steve King also supports Donald Trump and wants Andrew Jackson to stay of the 20 dollar bill. 
Araminta Ross=148
Steve King Harriet Tubman $20 Youtube Video
Steve King born on 148th day of the year. 
Andrew Jackson's Vice President was John C Calhoun whom many believe started the events that led up to the Civil War. 
Native Americans=154  
Lincoln died on 15/4. 

Underground Railroad=219
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219(Obama McKinley HS)
Leon Frank Czolgosz=219(Killed Mckinley)
The Philadelphia Train Wreck on 5/12/15 was 219 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
5/12 to 8/7 is 87 days(Clinton, Eliz II). 
8/7 the 219th day. 
8/7 to 3/13/16(Popes 3rd anniversary) is 219 days. 
Prince Charles bday is 219 days before Prince William. 

Trump Assassinated=219....

I'm just presenting some info on this post, as there is something special going on with all of these Old Wars/battles and how they connect to Native Americans. Seems to be connected to assassinated presidents. 

Also in regards to all of the Reagan stuff. I just realized a few things. They were showing us the date of 9/19 in her death. 
Nancy Reagan=103(simple)  9/19 leaves 103 days. 
Nancy Reagan=618(Jewish, and English)
Six Hundred Eighteen=199 and 919(Jewish). 9/19 or 19/9. 
Anyway 9/19 is the 262nd day of the year. 
Nancy Reagan died 197 days before 9/19. 
197 is the 45th prime number (45th president). 

Carolina=73  lost the superbowl
Hillary Clinton=73  lost the Election
Golden State Warriors win 73 games and lose NBA Finals

November 9th this year was also the 314th day of the year. 


  1. how fucking relevant is this right now?! With the Harriet Tubman movie out. I did a search on Czolgosz and found this. Seven7One1 and I have been working on Venus pentagram stuff. We initially began the count on the nearest inferior conjunction date to America's founding date but Seven7One1 just dropped a video that made an excellent case for the start date being June 3rd, 1769. That was the date of a Venus transit immediately followed by a solar eclipse just hours later. Anyways if you go forward 13 pentagrams as we call it. (One pentagram is 5 synodic cycles of Venus so 13 is 5 x 583.92 days x 13) Anyways that gets you to the inferior conjunction date of May 5th, 1873 the day Leon Frank Czolgosz was born. Of Course he assassinated McKinley in Buffalo. Rambo has done an excellent job of pointing out how this years Halloween TNF game was a tribute to River Phoenix dying on Halloween in between Buffalo superbowl appearances.

  2. Stranger yet is that my youngest and closest brother's 2 biological kids are Phoenix and River. Phoenix's mother died right after child birth. She was a Brown and my brother is a Simpson of course and it was really weird how it tied in to the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Phoenix was even born at 9:11am. You can search her story online. Here it is: it even gives the time of birth. The same doctor delivered my twins. Fuck, who did O.J. play for? The fucking Buffalo Bills