Saturday, November 19, 2016

Death of Sharon Jones- Donald Trump/Prince Charles

We got the story today about soul singer Sharon Jones dying on November 18th. 

Just another story connecting to Donald Trump. 
Sharon Jones=48, 138

The name of her band sticks out a bit as well as I've mentioned there seems to be a connection to Donald Trump and Prince Charles. 
Dap-KINGS=36, 45, 81
She died from "Pancreatic Cancer"=71, 134
King Charles III=80, 134
Sharon Lafaye Jones=71,80, 188
45th president.....

It also compares her to James Brown. 
James Brown=39, 48, 120
Sharon Jones=48, 138

My favorite thing they put in the article is she was nominated for a Grammy for her album "Give the People what they Want". 
Lol Trump just won the election but the People voted for Hillary. The best part is almost everyone didn't like either candidate so no matter what, no one was getting what they wanted. 

Give the People what they want=124, 313
I just talked about the 313's in a video too. 
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13.
Six Hundred Three Score and six=133, 313
Francis 1,189th day as Pope was on Trumps bday 6/14. 
Donald J Trump=1,189(Jewish)
Zachary K Hubbard pointed out it was frame 313 of the Zapruder film when JFK was shot in the head. Is this what the people want? 

After she was diagnosed with cancer she made a documentary called "Miss Sharon Jones"
Miss Sharon Jones=63, 198

She died 198 days after her bday. 
Notice it's also 6 months 14 days which reminds me of Donald Trump's bday of 6/14. 

Also remember anything that adds to 33 in simple gematria is also 198 in English gematria. 

Her album also came out on 1/14.
President of the United States=114

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  1. Cancer in November=161

    Jones Cohen Dunn=161

    Awesome connects to Trumpence