Monday, November 21, 2016

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump...9/11...President Jokes.. Cleveland

I rewatched the Donald Trump Roast tonight. I made a video in September talking about the Roast of Rob Lowe and how it was connected to Donald Trump. 
Trump wasn't even supposed to be roasted, it was Kid Rock and more....
Anyway notice the background of the stage on this roast...
Notice the Two 8's on the 1000 dollar bill to the right of Seth Macfarlane? 

Also they are showing a Grover Cleveland 1000 dollar bill. 
Yet another reference to Cleveland. Macfarlane the creator of the "Cleveland Show". 
Grover Cleveland=163
Make America Great Again=163
Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump=136
One Thousand=136

This whole roast they bring up the fact that Donald Trump says he might run for the 2012 presidency. 
The Roast was on 3/9/11 and aired on 3/15/11. 
Macfarlane jokes and says it's "I am Delusional" not "I am running for president". 
Macfarlane even says that he suspects Trump will someday be president. 
I'm making this post short but look up Seth Macfarlane and 9/11. He was supposed to be on one of the planes but somehow missed his flight and more. There were also a few 9/11 jokes in this roast. Macfarlane says Trump is the 2nd worst thing to Hit New York. I've mentioned a bunch of 9/11 connections in regards to this election. Hillary collapsing on 9/11, Trump winning on 11/9 and so on. 

Trump also makes his entrance with the song "Taking Care of Business" by BTO. How interesting I made a video on the Taking Care of Business Movie in regards to the Cubs and a lot more. 

Anyway during the Jeff Ross part Ross says he can't wait until the Assassination.. then says I mean Inauguration of you being president.
Trump will be the oldest president to take office too if he doesn't die before doing so. 

At one point in the show they compare Trump to Hitler...HH 88 Heil Hitler. 

They also dedicated the roast to the late Greg Giraldo. 

He died age 44. 
Kill=44  Trump the 44th person to be president. 
Notice it was 72 days...a number I've mentioned in regards to a possible assassination on Trump. 
It's also 2 months 11 days. 
Comedy Central Roast=76, 211

Giraldo=39  died 161 days before 3/9 when this was filmed. 
Gregory Giraldo=161
American Civil War=161

He also died 167 days before the show aired. 
167 the 39th prime number. 

There was also a joke about how Donald Trump failed with his Casino business. Just interesting in regards to how I kept saying he was connected to the Native American stuff. 

Oldest president=68, 185
Trump will be the oldest president to take office. 
Donald John Trump=68, 185

Just wanted to make a quick post, gotta try and sleep since I have to start a new job in the morning. 

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  1. That dollar is interesting, as 000000001 in binary=1 but is also considered 9 bits. So you have a little 191 if you make the A=1. Or a little 919 of the A is Baconed then reduced. A=27=9. I hate these fuckers.