Friday, November 18, 2016

Hoboken Train Operator had Sleep Apnea-Weird Occurence in my life yesterday involving Eustace Mullins-Ezra Pound-The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

So yesterday I went and picked my daughter up at school. Before we came home we stopped at my parents house so she could get a popsicle. My parents live across the street from the park and she kept begging me to take her there. I realized my phone was dead and I told her I needed to charge my phone up a bit and then I would take her. So I plugged my phone into my moms computer, and figured I'd get online for about a few minutes while it charged. 
The first thing I did was went to and clicked on the above article. I was thinking it was about the train collision story in Central Florida I just posted on, but it turns out it was about the Hoboken train wreck on 9/29. That Train Wreck I covered a bunch as it was a big connection showing us the Cubs vs the Indians in the World series. Hoboken Train Wreck Video

Anyway in the article they said the engineer had sleep apnea and that's why it crashed. 
I noticed though he was 48 years old. A number that keeps coming up everywhere since Donald Trump won the election. 
Donald Trump=48

It was also 1 month 19 days ago. Which was interesting as Trump won on 11/9 and much more I've mentioned. 

Anyway after I looked at that article I sat back in the chair and noticed a a stack of books sitting on top of the computer. 
I saw the above book and decided to look at it. It's actually a book I bought a really long time ago and figured why I was killing time I'd skim through it again as I would probably understand a lot more of the content now. 
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve=139

Just look at the first line of the book lol.  
"On the night of November 22, 1910, a group of newspaper reporters stood disconsolately in the railway station at Hoboken, New Jersey". 
I mean what are the odds I just look at an article about the Hoboken Train Crash and then this book catches my attention and the first line mentions the Hoboken Train Station? 

So I decided to look up Eustace Mullins the author of the book. 
Eustace Mullins=48, 174
New World Order=174
This whole chain of events started because the train operator who had sleep apnea was 48 years old. 
Mullins is a disciple of Ezra Pound. 
Ezra Pound=48
Notice Mullins dies on the 33rd day of the year. 
It was also 330 days after his bday. 
He was born on 3+9+23=35
He dies 35 days before his bday. 
Mullins also died in the year 10'. 
Ten=39  A lot like his bday of 3/9.
He also dies on 2/2.   Twenty Two=39
The opening line in his book is about 11/22 of the year 10'. 
11/22 leaves 39 days in the year. 
Which reminds me of  the 39 Books of the Old Testament...
Now get this...He was known because of his followings/friendship with Ezra Pound. 

Ezra in the bible is the guy who rebuilt the Wall around Jerusalem after the Return to Zion. Think about that in regards to Donald Trump....I mean seriously. 

The term for Return to Zion is "Aliyah". 

No joke the night before I looked at this movie again and almost rewatched it but instead went to bed.  The reason was because of Michigan's QB Wilton Speight breaking his collarbone. His backup QB is John O'Korn which reminded me of Jonathan Davis the singer of Korn...He also wrote the soundtrack for the movie Queen of the Damned starring Aaliyah. 
I have a video somewhere I talked about the death of Lisa Lopes and Aaliyah. Aaliyah died age 22, Queen of the Damned came out on 2/22/2002.   Mullins dies on 2/2. 
Anyway in the movie she also plays Akasha who in the Book series plans to kill 90 percent of the Men Population so Women can rule the (Hillary Clinton?) 

Ezra Pound famous for a few writings but they mention one of them was the unfinished 120-Section epic called "The Cantos". 
Ezra Pound=48, 120
The Cantos=33, 105
Funny how this guy and Mullins are well known Anti-Semites. 
Think about how Israel declared it's independence in 1948 as well. 

Pound was exposing the international banking conspiracy. 
He was arrested in 1945 for treason against the United States as he supported Mussolini and Hitler. 

I also find it funny in regards to Israel/Jews: 
Yesterdays date was 11+17+20+16=64

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve book came out 64 years ago. 
Synagogue of Satan=64

Mullins book says the planning of the Federal Reserve began on 11/22/10. Interesting that the Federal Reserve Act was enable on 12/23/13  which was 3 years 1 month 1 day later. 
64th prime is 311. 

My Hoboken train wreck video was all about the number 114 too. 
Chris Christie said 114 people injured it was the same day the Cubs Tied the Pirates. The tie was the first time a team had tied since 2005, when the Astros tied the Reds 114 days before the World Series. The Astros lost in that series to the Chicago White Sox. 
Cubs were in 114th season being called the Cubs. 
They won game 7 getting their 114th win of the season. 
Mullins known as a Holocaust denier. 
Pearl Harbor=114
World War=114

I'm a little confused as to what it says here as well. It says when he was 25 he was visiting Ezra Pound and Pound asked him if he'd ever heard of the Federal Reserve System. Then showed him a 10 Dollar Bill.(39) that said Federal Reserve Note. Then Mullins said, He didn't have time to research it, as he was working on a novel about exposing the international bankers who secretly created the Federal Reserve Act. What I'm confused by is that he didn't know what the Federal Reserve System was but he was working on a novel about the Federal Reserve Act? 

Pound  supposedly carried extensive correspondence with James Angleton who was Chief of CIA's CounterIntelligience Staff. 

This is what I mean...What is the purpose of Pound trying to expose the Federal Reserve when he is working/friends with a guy in the CIA? Conspiracy theory to me seems like it's part of the programming of the masses. 
It's obvious that freemasons, zionists, and alike are in control of the world or know what's controlling the world. It's obvious they know what gematria is and have been using it. I just wonder why they want us to know certain things? They can rig a sports game down to every second. They can hit a ball on the 113th pitch to Steve Bartman who is sitting in seat 113. They can get Mike Moustakas to hit his 4th post season HR on the 4th pitch in the 4th inning making the score 4-4 at exactly 4pm.  They can create hoax news , yet they can't stop a movie like Zeitgeist from being released? It seems almost as if they want people to be awake to a certain extent. I've often wondered if part of the plan is awaken people on "Their" terms. Maybe they want people angry and to try and overthrow them/the government. Then when it happens, it never really happened as the new system will just be leaders like Alex Jones type people who were part of it all along. Basically a new system that is just the same system fooling everyone that it's something better. 
On the other hand it seems the majority of people are still not even close to even being half awake. It's something I can't wrap my brain around. It truly seems as if they want many people to see what's going on, and there's a bigger piece we are all missing. 


  1. That is wild. I keep having similar experinces. It is uncanny how every little thing feels like it HAS to happen. Or its happening again, if you wanna go all Battlestar Galactica.

    Good stuff.

    And they do want people to be awake to a certain extent, as you said. Its the same reason every master criminal leaves behind a calling card. Pride. They want to show off for some while denying it to everyone else. The All Seeing Eye loves a good side wink.

    1. And that bigger piece is intangible because it is spiritual, so until you are ready to go there, you'll keep searching amongst the materials. Just my opinion, of course.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Excellent post Dan. I have had that feeling of "something big is missing from this picture" for a long time now, since discovering this research. This work has revealed a lot, but who knows how many other big truths of this world we have no idea about.

      The synchronistic events in my own life have been wild too. I'm almost certain we are in some sort of simulation-type place and that our consciousness affects our reality. Everything, including thoughts, are the same thing and completely connected at the end of the day. Physics even proves this nowadays. Matter = energy = thoughts. I mean just think about the huge amount of things that have to be precisely as they are for us to be here now. No way I can accept that it happened naturally/randomly.

      I think we may just be observers to a very large extent. My last acid trip really revealed to me how life is all about perceptions. One's perceptions control their actions, reactions, worldview, attitude, feelings, etc. I would not be typing this right now if I didn't gain my first perceptions of the world exactly as I did and if the perceptions I developed ever since, ones that built on each other until I have the exact perceptions about everything that I do, weren't exactly what they were. So at what point do we really have control? Almost everything I am is just perceptions built on each other which is what all of my seemingly voluntary actions/thoughts are based on. If I say, "ok, now I'm going to prove that I am in control and am going to do X", that thought and action will still be 100% based on my perceptions of the world and situation, which I gained non-voluntarily (since even when deciding how to perceive something, that decision itself is already based on earlier perceptions, all the way back to the very first one).

      Get what I mean? Seems like we're just along for the ride in a way? DNA + perceptions, zero actual control?

      I think this is why they control everything so tightly too. They more they can control people's perceptions, they more they can control reality itself. Magick and all those weird occult practices tie into this somehow too I perceive.

      Any thoughts on this, Dan or Allusion?

    4. Actually, even these world powers would not be able to truly control anything if you think it all the way through. The 'DNA + perceptions' part would apply to everyone, so all of their evils and actions would also just be the result of perceptions building on top of each other.

      Only way something could truly alter the course of things in this world is by changing the initial conditions. What if that's what is going on? Someone/something setting up different conditions and letting it play out to see what happens? If none of us truly have control, this is why we are all the same too, which seems to be just an observer of some kind.

      Here's where it gets really speculative, but I like to ponder... Maybe we are all one higher-dimensional being, just fragmented to experience this world from every perspective, maybe to learn or experience things we could otherwise not? Maybe we even created this place ourselves?