Saturday, November 5, 2016

Steph Curry's 3 point streak broken against Lakers...Lebron's Nike Commercial

I didn't watch the Lakers game super in depth tonight but I did notice they showed this stat at the end. Steph Curry's streak of making a 3 pointer in a game was broke tonight after 157  made 3's. The last time he missed one was on 11/11/14.
I just posted about the 11:11 stuff in Game 6 of the World Series. 
World War I came to an end on 11/11. 
Today is 11/4. 
World War=114

There is also this Nike Lebron James commercial. It's all about his # 23 and then towards the end they show a tie game of 89-89. 
Just wanted to point out the reason that is the score is because "King James"=89
Come out of Nowhere=84, 201(21). 
Lebron James=114

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