Monday, November 7, 2016

Native Americans and the Mormons 9/22, 9/23

I've made some posts on the Native Americans and how they seem to be connected to the Mormons as well. I've said the Omaha Indians brought the Mormons to Council, Bluffs Iowa. CB is the starting point of the Mormon trail.  
It seems a lot of things that connect to Native Americans leads back to Mormons.  Even the Trump rushed off the stage in Reno. Jesse Reno fought in the Utah War which involved the Mormons. 

Trump=88 (seems very connected to the Native theme)

Anyway I was reading about the Mormon religion and basically what I get out of it is that people came from Jerusalem to America just before the fall of the Babylonians.(587 BC?)  Once they got here they eventually split up into 2 groups...The Nephites and the Lamanites. Basically the Lamanites were the darker colored skinned group and historically Mormons have believed that most of the Native Americans were from the Lamanite Blood line. 

So very interesting how it connects to the Native American theme. The book of Mormon also is based on the writings of prophets in America from 2200 BC to 421 AD.  
Omaha Indians the Mormons and more
How interesting it's to 421 AD, this number is super special throughout history.  Queen Elizabeth II born on 4/21...Prince died on 4/21...I talked about the connections to Valentines in my Bill Murray Video....Rome founded on 4/21....Lupercalia(Wolf Festival) celebrates the Shewolf who suckled the founders of Rome. 

The Book of Mormon is also 239 chapters. 
Golden Gate=239
Jews believe the Messiah will return through the Golden Gate. 
In 2015 we were in the 239th year of the US with Pope Francis making his first visit to the US on his 923rd day as Pope. He went to the White House on 9/23 or 23/9 at 9:23am. The land where the White House is supposedly was originally inhabited by a guy named Francis Pope. 
Makes ya wonder if him coming to the US last year was all to bring back the Messiah and the Messiah just hasn't shown themselves or something like that. 
Golden State=122
San Francisco=122
Pope Francis=122
Named after St. Francis of Assisi who San Francisco is named after as well. 
I mean believe what you want, I'm just throwing out a theory. Regardless of what is true, Francis' visit was super symbolic and important. Especially with all of the things connected to 9/23 and 239 last year. 
Pope Francis came to America on 9/22.. Which was also the 188th anniversary of Joseph Smith being allowed to take the Golden Plates.   
The Philadelphia Trainwreck that happened at 9:23pm was also Engine number 188. 
King George III was coronated on 9/22 1761. 
Victoria surpassed King George III for longest reigning monarch.
Queen Victoria died 9,220 days before Elizabeth II was born. 
Elizabeth surpassed Victoria on 9/9/15  
9/22 gregorian in 2015 was also 9/9 Julian. 

The French Republic established on 9/22/1792
I even talked about South Park creators and how how Team America was connected the Paris Attacks. 
All about the Mormons=71
Everyone Has Aids=71
World War III=71

I've even mentioned how 217 is special and it connects to Michael Jordan and bunch of other stuff. 
2/17+217 days is 9/22.
Buenos Aires Argentina=217(Pope Francis)
In Space Jam Bill Murray comes in wearing # 22 after 9 Toons get hurt. 
Last year was 22 years after MJ 1st retired after 9 seasons. 

This year 7/6 was a super important day to almost every event afterwards it seems. 7/6 was the 188th day this year. 
Brigham Young died age 76. 

I don't know for sure but somehow the Mormons are super important to the Native American theme. I guess time will tell as it usually does and eventually I'll find a big piece that makes it all makes sense together. 

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