Monday, November 14, 2016

More info on the New Zealand Earthquakes on 11/14.Indianapolis Colts?

So earlier I had posted about the 7.8 Earthquake in New Zealand. 
Later in the day they were hit with a 6.2 Earthquake. 
I mentioned how they make sure to tell us about Christchurch, but the Earthquake was actually closer to Kaikoura. 
Kaikoura=33, 87
Kaikoura, New Zealand=75, 192

Interesting in regards to the Colts they mention that this area is shaped like a Horseshoe and known to have earthquakes and volcanos. 
Indianapolis Colts=75, 192
Andrew Austen Luck=57, 66, 75, 192

Today is even 83 days before Super Bowl LI(51)

They were happening in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand. 

Canterbury just reminds me that Chaucer was being used during the College World Series and I also mentioned how he died on 10/25 which was the day the World Series began. He died age 56 or 57. 
World Series=57
Coastal Carolina Chanticleers got their name from his story. 
He's famous for the Canterbury Tales. 

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