Wednesday, November 30, 2016

523 and 235 connections to 112 and 117 that I've been seeing together..seemingly connected to political assassination.

My phone data is about gone but I had to post this before it goes. 
So I re found Zachary K Hubbard's post about someone sending him a letter in the mail with the picture below. 
It's a game of Sudoku missing the 5's and highlighted the 2 and 3's. At the time there was a lot of stuff in regards to 523 and 235 going around, making us think that May 23rd or August 22nd/23rd(235th day) would be a significant date. 
So as I'm looking at this, I stopped for a few minutes and picked up the house to think about what else we might've been missing with it. I picked up the French Onion Dip my girlfriend had sitting out and it had a price tag of $2.35 on it. 
Earlier today I looked at my phone after I got off work and it was 5:23. 
I couldn't figure anything else out with the Sudoku so I gave up and went to CNN to see any stories I wanted to save the link for to look at when I get internet back. The first story I see is about the world's Oldest Living Person. 
Oldest Living Person=91, 235

The lady is 117 years old. 

Anyway I've been covering since the death of Sam Foltz how the numbers 112 and 117 seem to be together a whole lot and I'm not sure what the exact reasoning is for this but I keep seeing them together. 

The reason I posted this was because I added 235 and 523. 
Two Hundred Thirty Five=112
Five Hundred Twenty Three=117

So interesting how the 235 and the 523 are in connection to the 112 and 117 in some way. 

A lot of the 235/523 seems to be connected to a political assassination possibly of Trump. 

There's a lot more to the Sudoku stuff, but too much to type right now. 
It's 9X9   and 99 is a big number in regards to political assassinations. 
Abe Lincoln died 9 hours 9 minutes after being shot and a lot more. 


  1. The sudoku letter came during the horse race. Zach thought that favorite horse was going to win a triple crown. But horse number 5 won. Yes 523 was the other topic. But the letter was about the horse race.

  2. I noticed in the Joe McKnight shooting, the suspect was named Ronald Gasser. Ronald = 235. Not sure of the big picture but maybe another clue to figure it out.

  3. Maybe it's a wargames reference, Joshua was the comp, sudokus are tic tac toe grids, designer named falcon. Maybe there's a connection