Monday, November 14, 2016

Why has Youtube let my Simpsons Trump video get so many views?

I was trying to comment back to people a bit ago. Figured I'd give it a shot as a few seemed to actually go through earlier on the blog...but I noticed my Simpson's video has over 70,000 views on it? I've made way more quality videos with much better info in them than this video and I have never got that many views. Look at the views on my other recent videos, not even close. 
It's not because it has "The Simpsons" in the title either. I have put intriguing titles in a lot of old videos and they still have like 100 views. I'm just wondering what's up with this video and how it's supposedly gotten so many views?
I guess I just wonder if it got this way because I said I still think Hillary will win the election? Give this video a bunch of views so "conspiracy theorists" look like idiots? They know most people won't look at the links I've left for it to make sense, or watch any of my previous videos to understand the info?

The Likes and Dislikes are crazy compared to anything I've ever made as well. 
Oh well, don't even know why I'm posting on it really. I guess it just baffled me I had that many views on a video. Especially one that I didn't even think was that great compared to other videos I've put out. 

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  1. trying to mix truth with false
    e stuff to mix up folks maybe ?