Saturday, November 19, 2016

Balloon lands on 27 yard line during Nebraska's Senior Day...Sam Foltz # 27-Mike Sadler's Birthday

Now how did that happen? A balloon falls from the sky and lands on the 27 yard line today on Nebraska's senior day. Of course all year and this game was a tribute to Sam Foltz. 

Deflated Balloon=56, 128
Senior Day=47, 56, 110

Twenty Seven=46
He died on 7+23+16=46
Forty Six=46

Sam Foltz=31

Speaking of Tributes, I mentioned earlier how today would've been Mike Sadler's bday. Notice Michigan State had the 25 yard Fake Punt on what would've been their Ex Punters 25th birthday. 


  1. Dan, in regards to that Central Florida train crash... I was looking at Michigan's football schedule and they played University of Central Florida on 9/10/16. Of alllll the non-conference teams they could have played it's Central Florida haha. Probably worth looking into

  2. Just found this... Blake Bottles on the Jaguars went to UCF. He wears #5. He replaced Chad Henne as starter who played at Michigan. Henne originally played at Miami, and replaced Chad Pennington. Chad Pennington was teammates with Randy Moss at Marshall...

    1. Nice I will try and look into it. Chad Henne reminds me of Jake long who also played at Miami, but I see now he is with the Vikings but tore his achilles. Long was # 77 at Miami and Henne was # 7. Lol just thinking back to the 2007 game when Michigan lost to Appalachian St....Chad Henne, Jake Long, Mike Hart(former Colt), Mario Manningham (former Giant).

    2. Wow! I didnt' realize they were all on that team! I was checking Appalachian State's football schedule and in the non-conference they played both Tennessee and Miami. This connects back to the retirement of Andre Johnson and Arian Foster

    3. Long 77, Henne 7, on the 07 team, probably connects to the Trump 777 stuff

    4. Ohio state comes into the Michigan game with 777 wins tomorrow.... Let's hope they stay there

    5. awesome stuff, the only reason I know that is because I used to be a Michigan fan. I'm pretty sure I even went to the Eastern Michigan game that year. Michigan also lost to Ohio State that year and the Ohio state was ranked # 7 when they played each other on 11/17...111X7=777? I think Michigan is winning tomorrow but never looked that much into it because I didn't have internet for the last 4 days.

  3. Thanks for everyone's 'sense and civility'. Far from the madding cacophony! (and no baloney, oops just violated that.)

    All the best to everyone, keep digging.