Saturday, November 19, 2016

Man Dissolves in Yellowstone Hot Spring..Mike Pence Harassed at Hamilton show..

Man dissolves in Yellowstone hot spring CNN article
I just read this headline to my girlfriend and she started laughing and said, "Are you on Facebook". She thought I was reading her one of the "Fake" stories they do on there. I laughed and said nope CNN the other fake news. 
Colin Scott=40, 49, 130
Sable Scott=26, 35, 44, 116

This man supposedly falls in and dissolves in the hot spring on 6/7/16.  Now why are we just now getting this story on CNN? 

Probably because it was 165 days ago at Yellowstone. 
Yellowstone=48,57, 165
Scottish Rite=57, 68, 165
Notice yet again a 48 in a story in the media. 
Donald Trump=48 (Trump also born on 165th day in 1946)
6/7 was also Mike Pence's bday. 
Blood Sacrifice=67
Mike Pence turned 57(scottish rite). 
Funny how today the big stories have been about the cast of Hamilton harassing Mike Pence too. 
Yet again showing reminding us of a dead political figure as well. 
Burr-Hamilton Duel

Notice today is also 4 months 8 days after the 212th anniversary of that duel too. (Lincoln born on 2/12). 
Donald Trump=48
Pence to be the 48th Vice President of the US. 
Today also 19/11  which reminds me of the year Ronald Reagan was born...they've been showing a lot of stuff with Trump and comparing him to Reagan as they are both celebrity presidents. 

Norris Geyser=73, 172
Hillary Clinton=73, 172

Also think about the Hamilton cast and how they did this in a theater. 
Today is the 153rd anniversary of the Gettysburg Address being given by Lincoln on 11/19/1863. 
Although the Hamilton Cast thing happened yesterday 11/18 we didn't get the story until today 11/19. 
An interesting parallel to this is that 6/2 is the 153rd day of the year that leaves 212 days. 
Hamilton died 6 months 2 days after his bday. He was killed by Burr who was born on Feb 6th or 6/2. 

Gotta love the headline here. 
Hamilton=38, 92

Hamilton Cast=45
Mike Pence=45
Trump to be the 45th president. 
Aaron Burr=45(guy who killed Hamilton)
He was the 3rd Vice President too so 45 VP's ago. 

The guy speaking on behalf of the cast was the guy who portrays Aaron Burr in the musical. 
I love how they involve Race in it as well. They have an african american guy portraying Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in the musical.. 
Brandon Victor Dixon=95, 113, 221
Brandon Dixon=62, 134
Notice his bday also 57 days before this article. (Scottish Rite)
But that also means he did this 56 days after his bday. 
Dixon born in 1981...same year as Reagan Assassination attempt. 
Mike Pence=81

He took over the role as Burr on 8/23/16. 

8/26 to 11/19 is a span of 88 day. 

He's also famous for his role in The Color Purple. 
Think about Purple in regards to Prince as well. Prince born on 6/7 also. 

This story comes 212 days after the death of Prince. 
212 years after Hamilton dies. 
Prince Charles of Wales=95, 212
Brandon Victor Dixon=95
Vice president=95

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