Saturday, November 5, 2016

Simpsons Bart to the Future shows a Woman president after Trump-Indians Theme

For some odd reason I was sitting here thinking about how "Trump"=88 and "Curse of the Billy Goat"=88 and the speed for Time Travel in Back to the Future is 88mph. I posted a bunch of stuff about how I think Hillary will be the president on Facebook after the World Series and wanted to look more into it. 

I was talking about Trump being Bif Tannen and then remembered the episode  of "Bart to the Future" lol. Lisa Simpson is actually the president though..a woman. But she mentions how she was president After Trump. 

Anyway the Episode begins with them going camping but a bunch of mosquitoes are out so they leave. Then Bart says, "Hey an Indian Casino".....I mean oh the odds with all of the Native American stuff in the news and the Indians in the recent World Series. 
Carrot Scalp=45, 54, 126
Forty Five=126
Fifty Four=126

Bart gets caught sneaking into the casino and the Indian owner has him look into the fire to see the Future and that's when he sees Lisa as the president.  
I mean I even talked about this in regards to Steve Bartman and the Voice of Bart Simpson lady turned 57 years old on Game 1 of the World Series this year. 
The Bartman Song shows Bart Simpson in prison with 113.. Steve Bartman sitting in seat 113, it was the 113th pitch hit to him. 
Steve Bartman Incident The Simpsons and more

Bart gets evicted in the Future and then puts a laser gun to his head that shows the News. They say the lottery numbers are 4 4 6  and then Bart says he was close he had 3 2 7. 
773 the 137th prime.
137 the 33rd prime. 
Also 3/27 is the 87th day this year. "Clinton"=87

The news guy then says "President Elect Lisa Simpson"=112, 301 moves into the white house tomorrow. 
The day before she would move in would be 1/19. 
Lisa Simpson=47, 146
President=47, 110

Interesting Lisa here says we've inherited quite a budget from President this means Trump was the president before Hillary. 

Lisa says she is making Bart Secretary of Keeping it real, I just want to point out his glasses.  It looks like they say SS SS or possibly 55 55 on them. 
S=19   so 48 48. 
Donald Trump=48

The Trump Elevator scene is from a Simpsons short that came out on 7/7/2015 according to Simpsons Wiki. 
Trumptastic Voyage=73, 235
Hillary Clinton=73, 172

Simpsons Trump Short
You can watch the video in the link above, I find it interesting when Homer is daydreaming he see's Trump's MACY's Card as this has been a big topic I've mentioned in regards to the native american theme. 

Homer then gets thrown out of the Trump Rally. Just notice the AZTEC building in the background. Yet again native american. 
Original Trump Elevator video
Notice Trump used  "Rockin in the Free World" by Neil Young. I've been mentioning Young and how he's connected to Native American's as well. 

The song released on Prince Charles 41st bday. 
Native Americans=1114(Jewish)  
A lot like November 14th. 
Remember the Extra Super Moon is on this day as well and the closest since 1948. 


  1. Maybe it is a coincidence, but Bryan Clauson died 88 days before the last out in the World Series. He won his first race on '10/8'/2005 in car #88.

    1. He also died 91 days before #19 Carl Edwards' win in NASCAR last night. Carl Edwards last two pit stops were 11.9 and 11.8 seconds. If you get a chance, please look at the charts on this page. He races for Joe Gibbs and drives a Toyota. When he won it will generated a 523 in the 2nd and 3rd charts and a 7212 in the last chart. The 99th prime is 523 and he won the very first race at Texas driving car #99. The location is Fort Worth which is connected to Dallas TX. The Gregorian date 5/23 = 11/22 (13 MC) and reminds me of JFK. Carl Edwards was born on 8/15/79 and was 13,598 or 2 x 13 x '523' days old on Sunday. This was Carl Edwards 443rd race and it is the 86th prime. He now drives car #19 and Nineteen = '86'/41. Joe Gibbs was born on 11/25/40 and Sunday's race will be '19' days before his birthday. Joe Gibbs Racing 1st race was on 2/16/92 which will give us a time span of 9,030 days. The "coincidence" cherry on top, was the use of Carl Edwards Jr in the 7th game of the World Series.