Thursday, November 10, 2016

J.S. Seaverns found in Lake Superior after 132 years.

CNN has this story today about finding a Shipwreck from 132 years ago. 
JS Seaverns=132, 33

Interesting because of the story about finding the HMS Terror back in September I kept saying was connected to multiple other news stories. Possibly this one will be as well. 
Some interesting 132's in my notes: 
Catholic Church=132
Jesse Lee Reno=132
Windy City=132
World War II=132
Antonin Scalia=132(Texas Judge shot 132 days before)
Walt Disney=132
Philadelphia Train Wreck was on 132nd day. 
One Hundred Thirty Two=266...
9/23 the 266th day Pope Francis the 266th Pope. 
Member Berries=132(New South Park's)

It also says there were 60 people on it and they all survived. 
World War II=60
Lake Superior=60(Where they found it)

132 years ago was 1884. 
1884 was also the year Grover Cleveland won the election to be the 22nd president. 

Interesting the Ship was found in July but I'm just now seeing this article on CNN headline news. 
It sank on May 10th 1884. 

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  1. Good work, Dan. There's this girl on YouTube named Peaches and Speeches whom looked into the show Rugrats episode 66 (it's either season 4 ep. 1 or season 5 ep. 1). Anyeays, she found some predictive programming for SB 51.
    interestungly enough it has to do with Luck. The episode might even be called Lucky lady.
    I don't have Hulu so I couldn't check it for myself, but I figured maybe you can watch that episode and try to decode what you see because you are doing tremendous work.
    She mentioned that there was a tribute in the episode for a guy named Doyle.
    Colts have a te named Doyle.
    If you get the chance I suggest looking into it.