Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ohio state vs Michigan game keeps going to a green screen.

Watching the Michigan vs Ohio State game so far I've noticed the screen has done this more than once. It goes to a green screen. 
Green Screen=59, 113

This is the 113th time these teams have played each other and if Michigan wins it will be the 59th time. 
The Brady Bunch=59

Ohio State=49 and it would be their 49th win against Michigan. 


  1. PLEASE ADD TO THESE NOTES - We have read the script a bit off but it is all correct at far as is so coded and twisted

    Lions player made comment about breaking Paterno's leg *** he played college ball in Wisconsin - wisonsin is in big ten plyoffs - paterno from penn state - penn state playing vs michigan state on 26th for right to go to big 10 game - michigan 26th state - penn state running back #26 "barkley" - think NBA lebron at ohio state Auburn vs Alabama right now 1 vs 13 / game 113 - steelers beat colts - steel / iron / iron bowl ... "paterno leg broke " break a leg" as in good LUCK. Raymond james stadium / Lebron raymone james - 23 /32 michigan first governor age 23 ohiot state vs michigan border war over toledo - both coaches born in toldedo - think sandusky in sex scandal / sandusky ohio... horseshoe / colts / penn / philli / 52, 112, 13 sig #s

  2. Today is 71 days until the Super Bowl