Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tommy Armstrong Jr. Fake Injury-Death of Sam Foltz 112-Teddy Bridgewater

Nebraska's QB Tommy Armstrong gets taken off in a stretcher in the 2nd Quarter. It sure looked like nothing even happened to me and then he just lays there and plays dead. 

I mean how often do they have to put someone on the stretcher like this and take them away in the ambulance. Then like a half hour later they jog out back onto the field? 

With Armstrong Jr. out they had to put in Ryker Fife who was supposedly Sam Foltz best friend in an article I read. 
Notice # 4 Armstrong only threw 4 completions. Also 1 interception which was his 44th interception. 
Even Ohio State attempted 44 passes with 4 TD's. 

One thing I never noticed about Armstrong Jr. is his It's that number connected to Teddy Bridgewater-Sam Bradford-The election. 
Bridgewater knocked out last year on 11/8 against the Rams. Then gets hurt this year just before playing the Rams. Then the Vikings get Sam Bradford who was born on 11/8. 

Tonight was Armstrong Jr's 43rd career game. He even went into the game with 43 Interceptions. 
Remember Sam Foltz died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43 and they won with 43 points. Nebraska has 43 conference championships currently. Foltz died with "Mike Sadler"=43
When Armstrong went out the score was 3-24
3+24=27   Sam Foltz wore # 27. 
Every Nebraska game they bring up the death of Sam Foltz as well. 

You know It's funny I just noticed something in regards to Nebraska as well. I've been talking about how Mike Riley would have the possibility of Nebraska getting his 112th win this year but I just noticed that if Nebraska wins out then wins their bowl game they would be 11-2 on the season. The only way it's possible for them to get Riley 112 wins now this year would be to win the National Championship which in a round about way could still be possible but very unlikely it seems. 
Sam Foltz=112
Armstrong Jr born on 11+8+93=112
Ohio State=112
Les Miles had 112 wins with LSU going into LSU's 112th season. He got his 112th win in "Houston"=112 last year. 
A bunch of stuff I've talked about...
Armstrong came back to the game when Nebraska was down 35 points. 

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