Friday, November 4, 2016

Parks and Recreation predicted Cubs would win World Series

I saw someone post this on Facebook. They have seriously been making it very obvious that their is a script. When they do this though I think it works in reverse on most people. They just think it's a joke and a coincidence. People just do not want to believe that a TV show would really do this. Just like how they made all of the 108 stuff around the Cubs Mainstream as well. People think oh it was just meant to be and go on with their day. 
Parks and Recreation=84, 93, 192

It was the 114th episode even. 
Cubs in their 114th season being called the Cubs.
Win the WS getting 114 wins. 
Parks and Recreation=192
The episode came out 1 year 9 months 20 days before 11/2/16. 

I'm more interested in the episode that was aired after that. 
"William Henry Harrison". 
The First president to die in office...January 20th 2017 when the new president takes over. 
The Creator of the show "Michael Schur"=57, 120
Harrison died on 4/4....He was the 9th president. The next president to die in office will be the 9th to do so.  Obama's the 44th president but the next president would be the 44th person to be president because of Grover CLEVELAND.

The show takes place in a fictional town called Pawnee, Indiana. I mean come on and the Cubs beat the Indians. 

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