Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My first Youtube Video(Song) is about Gematria and I didn't even realize it

So other than my hotspot I have not internet or tv, I'm sitting here bored I thought I would read through my old book I wrote from like 2007? 
It was basically a journal of ideas and thoughts I had for multiple years and just finally started writing the stuff down one day. I've learned a lot since writing it and learned a lot from going back and thinking about some of the things I've mentioned in it.  

I made a video playlist of it on Youtube so it's free to read. I put a lot of my really old music behind it that you can mute if you want to read it. 
Anyway in Chapter 3 of the playlist I just realized the song playing in the background is like my one of my oldest songs ever called Tasteless. 
I noticed when the song Tasteless is playing on Youtube I actually talk about how numbers don't make sense and you can make them be what you want them to be. The reasoning I said this at the time was because of all the Youtube and other truth stuff I had seen that involved numbers didn't make sense. I see what the point was now as they were just trying to make people who use numbers look like crazy retards and most people at the time were not making sense. There are still a lot of channels out there doing this same thing. There is no structure behind what they are talking about..Example saying Jesus had 12 disciples and  he died on the 25th day of the 12th month.  12+25+12=49  4+9=13 now multiply that by 3 because of the Trinity and we get 13X3=39  now add 10 because of the 10 commandments and viola we get "49" yet again..... You see what I'm saying? There is no structure you can make it equal whatever you want it to.  
You can do this with Gematria as well and it's obvious some people are doing this to try and discredit it. 
The point I'm making is that before Gematria/Calendar I never saw any structure in the numbers other than what people wanted to see with them. 

Anyway moral of the story Tasteless was also the first video I ever put up on Youtube which is hilarious to me as when I started my Youtube Channel Years ago I never knew anything about Gematria. Check out the lyrics and you will see why it's funny to me...

The main Lyric is: 

ABC's just never meant much to me and 123's I can't Counterfeit. 
I mean what are the odds that my first video is basically about Gematria before I even knew what it was and now my channel has turned into using ABC's and 123's? lol sorry it's like I was meant to show people this. 

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