Saturday, November 12, 2016

44,000 Women plan to March On Washington 1/21/17

So 121,000 Women are interested in participating in a Women's March on Washington on 1/21? 
44,000 going? Sounds like we are gonna see some women die to me. 
Kill=44...and 59(Jewish)

This article comes out 70 days before this is supposed to happen. 

Womens March on Washington=111, 291
These numbers remind me of Queen Eliz II and Victoria. 
Eliz II born on 111th day. 
291st prime is 1901 the year the Victoria died. 
She died exactly 51 years 15 days before Eliz II became Queen. 

Fontaine Pearson=73, 172
Hillary Clinton=73, 172

Thankfully Essie Labrot is going and is one of the 44,000. 
Essie Labrot=44

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