Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ben Zobrist Back to Back Championships? 127 a Few thoughts on Game 7 Right now with score 3-1 in 4th inning

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but the announcers were just talking about Ben Zobrist winning last year with the KC Royals. I thought interesting if he wins it will be Back to Back Championships for him too. 
Back to Back=69
Benjamin Zobrist=69
Benjamin Thomas Zobrist=91, 253
Chicago Cubs=91
Ben Zobrist=49, 58, 130

His bday this year was on the 147th day and it was also 5 months 7 days before Game 7. 
World Series=57, 147

Also his bday  5+26+81=112

Also he was drafted by "Houston"=112

The Score right now of Game 7 is 3-1 Chicago leading. 
I wonder if it will go extra innings being tied 3-3 now that would be hilarious. 
3-1 would be a fitting score as well considering the Cubs would win 3-1 coming back down 3-1 in the series.  
127 is also the 31st prime number. 
Today is North Dakota's 127th anniversary. 
127 People arrested on the ND Pipeline. 
North Dakota=127
Kyle Hendricks born on 12/7. 
A lot more, 127 has been a big number I've been watching. 

Zobrist was drafted in 2004 but didn't make his debut until 8/1/2006 with Tampa Bay. Just interesting Wiki says he was traded to Tampa Bay on 7/12 or 12/7 as well. 


  1. Lol I also had 3. 1 score thought smfh looking more like 10. 8 or something crazy

    1. haha yes and then the Cubs got their 8th run in the 10th. Crazy Zobrist was the MVP too.

  2. The following is in response to your most recent YouTube video post: Can't message you from there.

    The tie to Ozzy is a tie to the esoteric... Song "Mr Crowley".... All of the sudden we have wiki leaks tying the high Dems to a form of worship from Crowley's religion Thelema...