Friday, November 18, 2016

Nebraska vs Minnesota 11/12/16.. Sam Foltz 17

I just noticed I forgot to post these screen shot from the Nebraska vs Minnesota game on 11/12. 
Tommy Armstrong Jr. got hurt when the score was 17-17 and Nebraska had to bring in # 17 Fyfe to replace him. 

Later in the game Armstrong got hurt running in a TD making the score 23-17. Notice How much time is on the clock too...7:17. 

At the end of the game Minnesota's QB threw an interception after they had drove down to the Nebraska 17 yard line. Then # 17 Fyfe came back in to take the final snaps of the game. 

17 was the number of the game. 
I said I thought there would be some type of numbers tribute to Sam Foltz as it was 112 days after his death. 
Sam Foltz=112
Nebraska's first game was 1 month 12 days after his death and more. 
Remember the week before Nebraska lost to "Ohio State"=112 by 59 points too. 
17th prime number is 59. 

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