Monday, November 7, 2016

Janet RENO dies age 78 just days after Trump has to leave RENO.

So I'm about to go to sleep and I see this on CNN. Janet Reno dies age 78....I mean really Janet RENO dies just after Trump gets rushed off the stage in RENO. It's so obvious lol. 

She dies age 78 and was the 78th attorney General.. Also the First WOMAN Attorney General and under Clinton. hmm. 
Seventy Eight=60, 159
Janet Wood Reno=60, 159
United States Attorney General=112
Attorney General=72, 180

She dies on 11/7.
Parkinsons Disease=117, 72
Attorney General=72

She dies 110 days after her Bday. 
She dies in "Miami, Florida"=110
Jesse Reno=110 Born on 110th day of the year. 

I've talked about Kaepernick playing college in Reno as well. Remember he got his first start this year against Buffalo. 
Buffalo Bills=117, 45
Today is 11/7. 
If Buffalo loses tonight they will be 4-5. (45th president)
11+7+20+16=54   Also leaves 54 days in the year. 
McKinley assassinated in Buffalo. 
Muhammad Ali also died on 6/3.(Kaepernick)born on 1/17. 
The real Muhammad died age 63.
Native American=63
6/3 also normally the 154th day (Native Americans"=154)
Reno Nevada=63
Ali also dies of Parkinson's disease. 
It makes me wonder about Earthquakes yet again...Parkinson's the Shaking disease....? 
Think about Kaepernick as well in regards to Alex Smith who now plays for the Chiefs(native american). Smith played college at Utah(Mormon) and Andy Reid went to BYU(Mormon). 
Utah the 45th state. 
The Star Spangled Banner=88

I'll look more tomorrow, but super tired. I knew Reno was important lol and now we get the death of a Reno...


  1. If that is not a dude, I don't know what one is...I never looked at "her" before. I just bought everything they sold. How could I have missed it?

  2. Dan,

    The Michigan votes are taking long for the presidential election.