Saturday, November 19, 2016

17 Tributes in Nebraska vs Maryland in 1st half

This Nebraska vs Maryland game is comical. 
It's senior day at Nebraska, so they keep bringing up the death of Sam Foltz yet again. 
Armstrong Jr. is out because of his hamstring so # 17 Fyfe gets the start. 
Fyfe was a high school teammate of Sam Foltz remember too. 
Anyway I just posted about the last game and the 17 tributes to Sam Foltz. 
Armstrong out because of his hamstring. 
Hamstring=46, 55, 109
Seventeen=37, 46, 55, 109

So instead of putting in their starting FG kicker to make the score 17-0 Nebraska puts in # 95 a senior. The kick gets blocked. 

# 17 of Maryland recovers the ball as it goes out of bounds. 

Right after they zoom in on # 17 of Maryland, the skip over and show us Fyfe # 17 lol. 

Just before halftime Nebraska is in scoring position. On the bottom of the screen they show us Jeter for LSU has 17 Yds. 

They then bring up the playclock on the screen when it's on 17 seconds. 

Then Nebraska scores a TD on a pass from # 17 with 17 seconds left in the 2nd quarter. 

Fyfe is currently 14-20 passing. I wonder if something special will happen on his 17th completion? 

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