Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump rushed off stage in Reno, May 13th, 4 Elections in Which a candidate won the Popular vote and Lost

Yesterday we got the story about Trump being rushed off the stage in Reno, Nevada. 

The reason was because of "Austyn Crites"=48, 174
Donald Trump=48, 138
Republicans Against Trump Sign=121, 328
Notice  it's RAT as well. 
Reno Airport plane crash 9/11/16
I think the reason we got this story is because it's connected to the plane crash we got in Reno on 9/11 this year. 
The Plane was a Piper CHEROKEE(Indian). 
Reno seemed to be in connection to 9/11 in general as well. 

The Show Reno 911 even has 88 episodes. 

Season 5 episode 13 is about one of the Cops finally meeting her Native American Dad. 
Two Wolves=154=Native Americans
513 reminds me a lot of May 13th, which is a date Youtube was telling me to watch out for. It was even the day the movie "The Darkness" came out about the Anasazi Indians I keep mentioning. 

The first ever "Conspiracy" video I put out on Youtube was on 4/23/13  which was 5 months 13 days after my 30th bday. 

Youtube started showing me May 13th like crazy after copyright claiming an old video after I put out my Prince video on 4/23/16 which was 5 months 13 days after my 33rd bday. 
The old video they claimed about 22 Jumpstreet I put out exactly 513 days before Prince died. 
Obama Care is Great and it's really working=513(Obama Snapchat)
May 13th was the 134th day this year. 
King Charles III=134
Five Hundred Thirteen=134
The Tony Awards after the Orlando Nightclub shooting honored a play called "King Charles III". The guy who played him was born on 5/13. 
4/23 is special too as it was the day King Charles II was coronated. Also the 114th day and lately 114 I've noticed has been a big number. 

The Town Earling, Iowa(Exorcism I keep mentioning) has a sign that says Panama 5 miles Dunlap(town I live) 13 miles. 
Named after "Albert J Earling"=134
The death of Harambe was connected to the Society of the Cincinnati which was founded on May 13th. 
Cincinnati area code is 513. 
We also had a Japan Earthquake on Black Mamba Day 4/14. The CNN article reminded us of the 3/11/11 Earthquake Japan had previously. Anyway the 3/11/11 earthquake was 5 years 1 month 13 days before.  Kobe Bryant was named after Japanese Beef. 

Teddy=513(Jewish)  Bridgewater and Roosevelt..reminding us of a presidential assassination. 

A bunch more stuff that I cannot remember right now but I know they kept showing me 134, 135, and 165.   13/5=May 13th. 

Ha no lie as I'm typing this up for some reason I looked up at the TV for a split second and the Raiders vs Broncos game was stopped at 5:13 in the 4th even. I rewinded the DVR # 35 of the Broncos had just scored and then the Kickoff took 4 more seconds off  that's why the clock was stopped. 

Anyway in the Reno Airport Crash I talk about the founder of Reno and how he died age 39 exactly 39 days before William McKinley the assassinated president. Reno died during the Battle of South Mountain in which McKinley also fought.  Notice too Rutherford B Hayes fought in that battle as well. 

Remember Hayes didn't win the popular vote but still became president over Tilden.  This was the 2nd time In History this had happened. 
I just wonder if something like this is going to happen on Tuesday with Trump and Clinton? 
Hayes won with 185 electoral votes. 
Donald John Trump=185
Hayes also from Ohio. 
Hayes born on 10/4 which leaves 88 days in the year. 
Tilden died on 8/4 or 4/8. 

George Bush won this same in 2000 which was 112 years after the last time it happened in 1888. 
Notice this election was on 11/7, just like the 1876 with Hayes-Tilden and Hayes died on 1/17.  I've been seeing 112 and 117 paired together a lot.
Anyway notice in 1888 it was when Grover Cleveland lost to Harrison. This is why Grover Cleveland served 2 non consecutive terms. 
Also just want to re point out that the only presidents named Harrison were the 9th and the 23rd. 
I always mention how it seems to be connected to the area I live and I just happen to live in Harrison County Iowa as well. 
Harrison=48=Donald Trump   A whole lot more...

The first time this stuff happened Andrew Jackson lost to John Quincy Adams. 
Andrew Jackson=48
John Quincy Adams died in 1848. 
The 2nd time was Hayes-Tilden. 
Tilden lost and died on 4/8 or 8/4. 
The 3rd time Harrison beat Cleveland. 
The 4th time Bush beat Gore. 
Gore born in 1948. 

If it happens this year we will have Trump vs Clinton. 
Donald Trump=48

It doesn't necessarily tell you who wins but still 48 seems to be special to it. 

I've also mentioned how Colin Kaepernick played college football in Reno and the University of Nevada. Interesting their game in New Mexico on Saturday had a lightning storm that knocked out the lights temporarily. 
Lightning Storm=185
Donald John Trump=185
Notice how they mention the throw to Harris for a 44 yard td and then a 4 yard run in the 4th too. 

I'm not gonna retype a bunch of stuff but the Wolf Pack... and Kaepernick connected to Nebraska who is connected to Teen Wolf. Wolfs go along with the Moon Theme as well. 
New Mexico's mascot is a Lobo which is the spanish word for WOLF. 
The Star Spangled Banner=88=Trump

Reno Nevada=45, 63, 99
Native American=63, 81, 135
HMS Terror found 48' Baseball is a white mans sport..63
Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years and died in 1901 same year McKinley was assassinated. 
Francis Key=48 died age 63. 

I'm gonna rewatch the movie the Hangover, because I think it may have a clue in regards to Wolf Pack and Las Vegas area. 

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