Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why I haven't responded to comments or been online as much lately. Coded Computer test at my new job.

71 kidding. 
Brazil Soccer Team=71

I'm sure there's much more to this story, but I looked at it earlier at my mom's house figured I'd post the first thing I saw. 

Sorry to anyone who has been messaging me lately, there's a number of reasons why I haven't replied. 
First thing is the same old thing, it just plain won't let me reply to many people on my blog or youtube. It literally won't even load the box for me to type and if it does it won't let the message send. Once in a great while it works again, and on other's blogs for example Zachary K Hubbard's blog it lets me respond only to certain people. 

I also do not have internet at my house right now. I've wanted to post so much more and make videos but I literally can't right now. (I'm using the hotspot on my phone right now). A bunch of stuff happened and we are super behind on the bills and the internet company disconnected us. Should be back on by December 9th when my girlfriend gets paid again. Possibly sooner if I ask my mom to borrow me some money until I get paid but we'll see. We will be back on track in a month or so, but I started working again and my girlfriend started a new job so neither one of us get paid for almost 3 weeks. 

It's awesome too lol I got a job at the gas station in town and today I had to take a computer test about selling tobacco to minors. In the Stats on the screen they showed something about the numbers 440,000 and 193,000. 
I seriously was like you've got to be kidding me...telling me about how cigarettes are bad and not to sell them to minors with coded numbers. 
193 is the 44th prime. 
Gas Station=44
Tobacco=59   (Kill=59 in Jewish)
Just wanted to make a post letting people know why I haven't been on so much and why I can't respond to them. To be honest it's been somewhat nice to get away from the TV and internet.  It will be all good soon though I'm sure.  Peace.  

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