Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kevin Durant sticks up for Greg Oden....Donald Trump

I just made a post the other day about Greg Oden saying he was the biggest Bust in NBA history. I talked about how the article was basically just a tribute to Donald Trump winning the election. 

Now we have an article about Kevin Durant sticking up for Oden. Well Kevin Durant is perfectly coded to Donald Trump. 

Kevin Durant=1189
Donald J Trump=1189
If you recall Donald Trump's 70th bday was also on Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope. (Which was also his 3rd year 3rd month exactly being Pope). 
There are 1,189 chapters in the King James Bible. 
King James Bible=56
Royal Family=56
It's also been 405 years since the KJV came out in 1611. 
405 reminds me of 45...Trump to be the 45th president?

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