Friday, November 4, 2016

The Indian in the Cupboard Film 1995 World Series

Someone posted this on Facebook as well. I mean how do people seriously not see why this stuff is going around? It's like no one even puts it together that the Indians just lost in the WS the same time we got Pipeline Story and Pipeline story and more. 

It's from the Movie "The Indian in the Cupboard"=112, 220
Indians just lost the 112th World Series. 
Notice this film came out on 14/7 1995. 
World Series=147
Indians lost to the Braves in 1995 in the World Series...The Braves? Talk about putting it in your face. 

Possibly I will watch this movie sometime but not tonight. Just wanted to post a quick post as I was scrolling down Facebook and keep noticing funny stuff. 

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  1. haha i seen this to on my facebook , didnt even think it tied into movies lolbaseball