Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Likely to win on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling

Watching the Coverage of the Election I heard them mention how Trump is going to win on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being knocked down. 
Lol the guy who says he's going to build a wall wins on the anniversary of a wall being torn down. 
Berlin Wall=45, 108
The numbers around the Cubs...hmm
Also 45th president. 
I wonder how it got so backwards? It really seemed that Trump was connected to the Indians, but that Simpsons episode made it seem as if Hillary was. The Indian casino future said she would be president after Trump. 
She will be 73 years old next election. 
Hillary Clinton=73
Graduated from Yale in 73'. 

There was also so many comparisons to Ronald Reagan tonight. We have been covering all sorts of Reagan tributes/assassination attempt tributes all year. Even the death of Nancy Reagan this year. 
She died on 3/6 which was 247 days before the Election. Just interesting they are saying this about the Wall when Trump has 247 Electoral votes currently. 
3/6 or 6/3. 
Native American=63
Reno Nevada=63 
All of the other 63 stuff I just posted on. 

Nancy Reagan dies age 94. 
Cleveland Indians=94, 67

I've also mentioned her bday of 7/6 or 6/7. 

I'm too tired right now to look more, but I never thought about how her death might be connected to this election.  
They keep saying Clinton will likely win the Popular vote as well. We will see, a lot of interesting things going on today.  I guess it hasn't been completely called that Trump won yet either. 

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