Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump Files Lawsuit over Nevada...Simpsons Kill Prince Episode Voting Fraud

Voting fraud video on facebook
I've seen a bunch of posts on Facebook about the voting machines not letting you vote for Trump, or when you do vote it changes it to Clinton. 
We knew this would be a story, but it reminded me of the Simpsons Episode in which they kill Prince. 

Homer keeps pushing Obama but the machine votes for McCain. 

He then says, this Machine is rigged and it sucks him inside. He says, "This doesn't happen in America, well maybe OHIO". 
Ohio...Cleveland Indians...National Convention...117
A lot of the Trump stuff stems back to Ohio. 

So later on in the episode is when he kills Clooney, Armstrong and Prince. 
I've mentioned a lot of stuff is connected to 217 and just thinking about it now the Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon on 21/7..1969. 
Two Hundred Seventeen=88, 241
Simpsons Kill Prince episode Blog post

We are also getting the story about Trump filing a Lawsuit in Nevada over early voting. Look at the video they show us though. It's Trump at some school giving a kid money, but notice the background. It's a Thanksgiving Billboard with the Turkey and the Pilgrim hat and what not. Interesting as we've been mentioning Thanksgiving being something to look out for. 

You have to love how the big story right now involves Nevada. Not only because of the recent Reno stories but...

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