Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nebraska loss to Iowa and Michigan's loss to Ohio State yet again 17's

Nebraska lost again yesterday to Iowa, so not finishing 11-2 like I thought they might. They keep getting these 17 tributes though in all the games. 
In the 2nd Quarter when the clock was at exactly 7:17 with 17 seconds on the play clock they zoomed in on # 17 Ryker Fyfe and started talking about his cast on his hand. 

They later show us the Nebraska vs Iowa game in 1981 in which Iowa won 10-7...10+7=17
1981 was also 35 years ago. 

Nebraska was down by 17 points at halftime. 

Right after halftime they show us Tommy Armstrong's stats. 
He was 7-17 passing. The whole game they talked about how he was 100 percent because of his hamstring which was coded to 17 as well in my previous posts. 

I haven't figured it out completely but I think the Michigan loss was interrelated to the Nebraska stuff going on. I've mentioned how Nebraska is super connected to Teen Wolf as they are in the background all through out the movie. Michigan is the wolverines. 
Teen Wolf=1126(Jewish) A lot like today's date of 11/26. 

The Michigan game was 10-7 at half...10+7=17

It went to OT with a score of 17-17. 

Michigan loses after Ohio State scores. The player who wins the game is named "Samuel". 
Samuel=17, 71
Reminding us of Nebraska Punter Sam Foltz. 
Notice Michigan had 27 points.. Sam Foltz wore # 27. 

Michigan lost to Ohio State who scored 30 points. 
Nebraska lost to Iowa by 30 points. (40-10)

The 17th prime is 59. Michigan was going for it's 59th win against Ohio State. 
The 30th prime is 113..It was the 113th time they've played each other. 
# 3 Michigan loses by 3 points. 
They showed a stat at the end of the game where JT Barrett has won 3 times against Michigan in his 3 starts. 
Michigan pretty much lost because # 3 Speight threw 2 interceptions. 
Michigan known as Team 137 this year....
33rd prime is 137. 

Funny as I'm typing this I looked at Espn to check the scores and of course the other big 10 games have 17 involved in them at this moment. I know most likely it will change, but pretty weird. 


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    PLEASE ADD TO THESE NOTES - We have read the script a bit off but it is all correct at far as is so coded and twisted

    Lions player made comment about breaking Paterno's leg *** he played college ball in Wisconsin - wisonsin is in big ten plyoffs - paterno from penn state - penn state playing vs michigan state on 26th for right to go to big 10 game - michigan 26th state - penn state running back #26 "barkley" - think NBA lebron at ohio state Auburn vs Alabama right now 1 vs 13 / game 113 - steelers beat colts - steel / iron / iron bowl ... "paterno leg broke " break a leg" as in good LUCK. Raymond james stadium / Lebron raymone james - 23 /32 michigan first governor age 23 ohiot state vs michigan border war over toledo - both coaches born in toldedo - think sandusky in sex scandal / sandusky ohio... horseshoe / colts / penn / philli / 52, 112, 13 sig #s

  3. Today is 71 days until the Super Bowl

  4. Keep rolling with all the Moon/ Wolf / Lupercalia connections. They have been bombarding us with them over the last couple months. Even more than usual. So it must be relevant to the near future. I was born the day Teen Wolf came out. I live in Michigan. I have a 67 name. Dogs fucking love me. Now I understand why.

  5. You still think Michigan had a chance?

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  7. I noticed with all the 1948 stuff happening, that Michigan won the 1948 National championship

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