Tuesday, November 15, 2016

CNN Article 'The Simpsons' respond to Trump Victory Prediction" "Being Right Sucks'

Cnn has this article today about the Simpsons being right about Donald Trump. 
Notice they highlight "Being Right Sucks". 

Being Right Sucks=73, 172
Hillary Clinton=73, 172
Notice the time in the background is 3:00 as well. 
President=47, 56
Bart Simpson=47, 146
Lisa Simpson=47, 146
Trumps bday is 14/6. 

They also have a picture on the wall with Homer in what looks to be an astronaut outfit? Just interesting in regards to all of the Moon stuff and Simpsons kill of Prince with Neil Armstrong and George Clooney. 

CNN begins the article showing us a video with a thumbnail of Springfield Elementary School. 
Springfield Elementary School=138
Donald Trump=138
Classroom Chalkboard=73=Hillary Clinton
11/9 is when Trump wins the election. 

This explains a lot more about my Simpsons video and why it's getting so many views. The mainstream media is putting this crap out mocking everyone by programming them to believe it's coincidence. 

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