Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2 Trains Derail in Central Florida..Donald Trump

Two Trains collide in Central Florida. 
Central Florida=66, 138
Donald Trump=48, 138

It says it was at a crossing near Citra. 

193 is the 44th prime as well. 
Trump the 44th person to be president. 

It says one of the trains had 110 loaded cars. 
It was going from Pembroke, Kentucky to Tampa...

Today November 16th also leaves 45 days in the year. 
45th president. 
16/11.....The KJV came out in 1611...405 years ago. 


  1. What's up Dan! You've been doing some great posts lately.
    I wanted to reach out to the "Teen Wolf" expert. This last monday Night, there was a Super Moon and Wolf tribute done with Warren Moon and Randy Moss. I researched and a lot of it points to Lupercalia. Can you read through this, and see if you catch anything else with these themes. I know you have many articles on the Wolf stuff.

    1. Damn dude that is a great post! I can't think of anything to add off the top of my head right now, but I will refer back to it if I think of something. I need to look more into Moon and Moss for sure though. War and Moon? War in Moon? 11/14 to 2/13 is also 91 days maybe you put that in there? John O'Korn has to have something to do with Jonathan Davis the singer of Korn too. "Jonathan Davis"=48, 138...John O'Korn=48, 120..I just posted about Peaches Geldoff too, makes me wonder about the Album "Life is Peachy"? How funny the MTV show "Teen Wolf" season 6 just began on 11/15/16 too.

    2. I remember you talking about the Nebraska Sam Foltz stuff... O'Korn makes me think of Corn and the Cornhuskers

    3. The coal train traveling to Tampa... Tampa is where the College Football National Championship is this year

    4. Harbaugh = 66, Central Florida = 66,
      Tampa = 51, SB 51, Pembroke = 510
      Pembroke Kentucky = 69. Indianapolis = 69, Colts = 69.
      Tampa Florida = 53, Super Bowl LI = 53. Jim Harbaugh = 53. Eli Manning = 53.
      Looks like this train wreck points to the Super Bowl as well.

    5. Phospate = 108, like all the Cubs stuff. The Phopsphate train had 100 cars. Fifty One = 100.

    6. From the train wreck on 11/16 to the college championship on 1/9/17 is 55 days including end date. Warren Moon = 55, and a bunch of other 55 stuff I found. I just realized that the Moss Moon incident in Green Bay was on 1/9/2005, 12 years to the day before the NCAA championship game!

    7. Wow I keep thinking of new stuff everytime I post a comment...
      You mention Peaches above, the College Semifinals for the playoffs are the Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. I guess we can look more into the Peaches thing