Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nebraska vs Minnesota 11/12...112 days after the Death of Sam Foltz

I'm excited to see what type of Sam Foltz tribute will happen in this game today. 

Today is 11/12 is 112 days after his death. 
Sam Foltz=112
He died 1 month 12 days before Nebraska's first game this season. 
Foltz born on Jan. 21 or 21/1.  
He dies 211 days after his last game(2015 Foster Farms Bowl).

Both Teams Ranked 7-2 and 4-2 in the Conference. 
Golden Gophers=73 
Whoever loses will be 7-3 and 4-3. 

Sam Foltz also died 43 days before Nebraska's 1st game of the season against "Fresno State"=43 and they even scored 43 points. 
Mike Sadler=43
Nebraska has 43 conference championships currently. 
Last week Tommy Armstrong Jr. got the fake injury on his 43rd game with Nebraska. 

This will be the 57th time they've played each other. 

Mike Riley coaching his 23rd game at Nebraska. Nebraska currently has 23 wins against Minnesota. 
Mike Riley=107 and he's also going for his 107th career win. 

Tracy Claeys is 9-6 Overall so his 16th game coaching. 

Today is 43 days before Claeys' Bday as well. 

Minnesota's QB playing his 44th game. If Tommy Armstrong plays it will also be his 44th. 
Nebraska=44(S exception)
Week Eleven=44, 107

Minnesota's QB also born on 1/17. 
Nebraska's in it's 117th season being called the Cornhuskers.
I talked a bunch about 117 in my original Sam Foltz death post. 
Dwayne Wade born on 1/17...went to his first Nebraska game on 9/5/15(leaves 117 days). A whole lot more...It's connected to the 1971 season when Nebraska won their 1st championship against LSU in the Orange Bowl. 
Orange Bowl=112
LSU in it's 112th season, with Les Miles having 112 wins getting his 112th win in the Texas Bowl in "Houston"=112. 
The Colts beat the Cowboys in the 1971 Superbowl in the Orange Bowl as well on 1/17. 
Remember they showed us the Colts fan in the Freemason hat at the Nebraska vs Indiana game as well. 

November Twelfth=71
M=13  N=14   MN=27  Sam Foltz # 27...? 

Possibly could be wrong but I still think Nebraska is going to be 11-2 this season. Or at least finish with a 112 tribute to Foltz. I had previously thought they might get Mike Riley's 112th career win but I don't think that is happening. Only way would be for Nebraska to win the Big 10 Championship and the National Title. 
I guess I could see Nebraska losing tonight too as a tribute to Foltz as well becoming 4-3, 112 days after his death. I'm leaning a lot more towards them winning though. 

We'll see what happens I guess. 

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