Friday, November 11, 2016

Robert Vaughn death..Uncle Sam..(small post and some thoughts)

Today we got a story about Robert Vaughn dying.
Robert Vaughn=61, 151
I'm wondering if it's connected to the death of Kevin Meaney. (Uncle Buck)? It says Vaughn was famous for "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.". 
In regards to America Uncle reminds me of Uncle Sam.  
Uncle Sam=25, 88
Trump=25, 88
Election=83  He dies age 83

Uncle Sam supposedly named after this guy Samuel Wilson. 
Samuel Wilson=46, 163
Make America Great Again=91, 163
163 also the 38th prime....Election=38
Samuel Wilson died 44 days after his 87th bday. 
Trump will be the 44th person to be the president. 

They also tell us he was in Superman III and the Towering Inferno. 
Just interesting in regards to all of the 9/11 tributes we've been getting lately. 

The tower in the movie is 138 stories tall. 
Donald Trump=138

The only movie I remember this guy from is Baseketball. 
I'm sure there's a connection that goes back to the Mormons/Native American stuff with his death. 
I love how South Park the day after the election was all about what happened the night before. I mean I would love to see the other direction they supposedly would've went if the election was the other way around....Anyone who is awake knows they already knew what was going down. Just like how they have an episode about Isis and then we get the Paris Attacks and so much more with these guys. 

Gonna think more about this, but Uncle seems to be important. 

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