Wednesday, November 9, 2016

1948 Election the greatest upset in American History-Michigan(Wolverine State) last to declare winner-1848 Election Zachary Taylor Whig Party-Trump

I just want to point out that the only state that hasn't been shown won by either candidate yet is Michigan. 
Michigan the Wolverine State. 
The Janet Reno/Trump being rushed off stage was showing us the Wolves stuff again. 
If Trump gets this state he will have 306 Electoral Votes. 
306th prime number is 2017 

Hillary would have 248.. 
She currently has 232. 
They kept showing a commercial with Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr. President to JFK.  She did that when Obama was 232 days old. 3/24/1962. 
Harry S Truman died 232 days after his bday. He was the only president to die age 88. 
Truman also became president after FDR died in office. 
Harry S Truman=176=Back to the Future

Truman also won the 1948 election which was held on 11/2/48. (112). 
It says this election is considered to be the greatest election upset in American History. All the polls everything said Truman would lose...Of Course lol I wish I would've thought to look at this before the election yesterday. 
Truman even beat "Thomas Edmund Dewey"=73=Hillary Clinton
Everything this year has seemed to sync up to a 48' year. 
Donald Trump=48 should've been a dead giveaway. It's not that he was so much connected to the Indians, he was connected to the year they lost I think? Especially with the Prince coding. Prince Charles born in 48'. The last biggest supermoon in 1948. Israel declared independence in 48'. 
This is the stuff we have been struggling with in regards to gematria. Although the patterns are quite obvious, it's how exactly it's being used that needs to be figured out. 
Truman=87  like the score of the Game 7 World Series. 
Truman of course was also the president that dropped the atomic bombs and the president when the Cubs were Cursed in 1945. 

The 1908 Election Taft defeated Bryan. 
Taft died age 72. 
Truman died age 88 in 72'
President Trump=72
I just posted about Reagan's assassination attempt and some 72's. Possibly Trump will be assassinated or die age 72? That would be 2018 though. 
Taft of course a Skull and Bones Member and his father was one of the Founders. 
Houston, Mt St. Helens-Donald Trump-Harry Randall Truman
I mentioned how Superbowl 48 seemed to have a connection to Mt St. Helens as well and a connection to Donald Trump. 

Interesting 1848 was also the year Zachary Taylor won the election. My last few posts have involved him. 
He is the 2nd president to die in office. 
He was also the 2nd and last Whig to be president. 
The first president to die in office was the 1st Whig to be president. 
Whig Party=127 
The Whig Party was created to oppose Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party. 
Andrew Jackson=48, 138=Donald Trump
Whig means opposing Tyranny. 

Taylor was only president for 1 year 4 months 5 days. 
Chicago, Illinois=145

Taylor died 138 days after his bday. 
Donald Trump=138

A lot more to look at but I think I'm on the right track with the story line they have been using. 
I just need to research more as there is a lot of info that is new to me as I'm reading through this stuff. 

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  1. Hey Dan love your work, I was wondering if you could take a look at UFC 205 this weekend in NY. Conor McGregor is going for his 2nd ufc belt to make history, I was wondering if it relates to the election. Thanks