Friday, November 11, 2016

Greg Oden Biggest NBA Bust-Donald Trump-Odin-Mercury

We got a story about Greg Oden today. I mean what is the point of this article coming out just out of nowhere? Anyway the article is basically Oden saying he's not playing again and he will go down as the biggest bust in the NBA. 
Greg Oden=48, 75
Donald Trump=48, 138
Just another 48 in the coding. 48 has been everywhere in the last few months. 

Notice in the article they even tell us about Marc Gasol being the 48th pick in the draft the same year he was the top pick. Just funny they have to mention 48 again. 
So is Trump going to be the biggest presidential Bust ever? 

I also noticed how they made sure to let us know Oden is from Buffalo. A place of super significance I keep mentioning in regards to the assassination of William McKinley. 

Greg Oden of course also connected to the state of Ohio as he played at Ohio State. 
Grover Cleveland was also the 34th mayor of Buffalo. Someone had commented this somewhere and I wanted to document it. We've had a lot of Cleveland/Ohio stuff in connecting and Grover was the president before McKinley even. 
Ohio State=40, 49, 112
Buckeyes=28, 91
Make America Great Again=91
Ohio State Buckeyes=68, 203
Donald John Trump=68, 185

This story also comes out 72 days before Oden's bday. 
President Trump=72
William McKinley=72
I just posted about 72 a few days ago in regards to the Reagan assassination attempt as well. 

My favorite is how they put the 88 in this story. Greg Oden...reminds us of the Norse God Odin. 

Trump won the election on 11/9 which was a Wednesday. 
Wednesday comes from Odin/Woden which is also believed to share similar qualities to the Roman God Mercury. 

Mercury is the planet that has an 88 Earth Day Orbital Period. 

Think about Mercury's connection to Wealth too. Mercury the God of Financial Gain, Commerce and more......Merchandise...Donald Trump fits this perfectly. 

Notice Mercury and Cleveland both equal 798(Jewish).

Gregory Wayne Oden Jr=103
Greg Oden also born in 88'. 

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  1. he reminds of the Lebron bizarro world ... the opposite of Lebron. the a/b opposite of a cloned Lebron.. the mistake..