Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oakland Warehouse Fire Kills 9 Golden State Warriors/Chicago Bulls/Cleveland Cavs..Donald Trump The Apprentice..Film Ghost Ship

Yesterday we got a story of a warehouse party fire in Oakland, California. 
Oakland reminds me of few things. 
It's where the Black Panthers were founded. 

It's also home to the Raiders and the Golden State Warriors. 
Yesterday was 12/2. 
Golden State=122
It killed 9 people. 
Oakland also reminds me of the San Francisco Bay Area which in turn reminds us of the 49ers and the Church of Satan. 

12/2 it also 181 days before the NBA Finals begin. 
181 is the 42nd prime number. 
Kevin Durant=58
Ghost Ship=58(what the warehouse was called).
Lebron James=42
The Church of Satan began in "The Black House"=58

The Address of the fire is interesting as well. 1305 31st Ave. 

The Warriors didn't play last night but the Cavaliers lost to the Chicago Bulls. Interesting as I've mentioned during the World Series it seemed to be synced up to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. 
Great Chicago Fire= 135
Notice the Cavs score 105..."Masonry"=105=Zionism
Golden Donna=105
Notice the Cavs lost making their record 13-5....reminds me of the address of 1305? 
The Great Chicago Fire=105
Great Chicago Fire=90=Cavaliers=Golden State Warriors
The Great Chicago Fire was on 10/8....
Golden State Warriors=108
Chicago Bulls=58
Notice the total score of 216 points too. 
Cleveland in the area code of 216. 
12/2 leaves 29 days in the year. 
Twenty Nine=50

This fire happened 216 days after the 50th anniversary of the Church of Satan on 4/30/16=50
7 months 2 days as well....
Warehouse Fire=72
Seventy Two=42
Fire reminds us of Hell as well. 

72 firefighters were trying to stop the blaze? 

110 years ago there was also the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that caused a great fire and burnt down much of the city. 
Notice it was on the 108th day of the year. 
Right now the 49ers record is 1-10. 
Notice the Earthquake was a 7.8
Cleveland Cavaliers=78

All of these fire stories in the news lately remind me of "The Apprentice".....You're Fired 
Notice the show had 185 episodes. 
Donald John Trump=185
Notice the last episode was aired on 2/16..
Remember Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were both in Hell's Kitchen on the night of the election. Hell's Kitchen is the new headquarters of the Church of Satan.
The newest season that will have Arnold Schwarzenegger hosting will begin on 1/2/17  which is 31 days from 12/2. 
Oakland=31 and so on...

In regards to the Warehouse being called "Ghost Ship" it reminds me a lot of the 2002 movie of the same name. 
Notice it came out on Oct 25...which reminds us of the beginning of the World Series and the NBA season. 
Golden Donna 100% Silk 2016 West Coast Tour=112
Chicago Bulls=112
We just had the 112th World Series that came to an end on 11/2 with a Chicago Team winning. 

The Ghost Ship in the movie is called the "Antonia Graza"=55, 127
127 is the 31st prime. 
The movie is basically about a Demon like character who collects souls on the ship. 
Need to go back and rewatch this film possibly some clues. All I remember is the wire that cuts people in half or something like that. 
Death of Kansas player Brandon Bourbon
Brandon Bourbon Follow up
The Oakland Raiders remind me a lot of this story from a while ago. 
Brandon Bourbon's friend wears # 51 for the Raiders....We're going into Super Bowl 51. 
He died 3 weeks 4 days after his bday. 
Kansas the 34th state. 

Bourbon died 34 weeks exactly before 12/2. 

12/2 to Super Bowl 51 is 65 days. 
Brandon Bourbon=65

The Oakland Raiders are even playing the Buffalo Bills tomorrow. 
Notice the Bills are 6-5. 
Buffalo was where William McKinley was assassinated. 
William McKinley=72
Remember all of the 72's around the parallels of John Hinkley Jr. and how it connects to Donald Trump. 


  1. Ghost Ship wasn't the worst. I love the opening deatg scene when all the people are dancing. Anyhow, you are right on with the Lucifer connects, the address is enough to show me that.

    135 31st. 135+531=666.

    Merry X-Mass.

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