Thursday, November 3, 2016

2 Iowa Police officers Killed very close to where I used to live-Cubs win the World Series-Blue Lives Matter-World War-The first Death's of WWI and WWII were from Iowa

I didn't even know about this story until the I got on Facebook after the World Series today. I was gone all day and never even checked the news. 

The guy above is the suspect in these killings. Notice he is 46 years old. 
Chicago Cubs=46
Justin Martin=51, 168
Cleveland=51...New York City=168, Cleveland Cavaliers=168 
Tony Beminio=60, 141....World War III=141
Thanksgiving=141  I'll explain later...

They also let us know this Cop Shooting is similar to the Baton Rouge and Dallas Cop Attacks. 

Of Course Des Moines is in Dallas County too. 
Dallas County=147
World Series=147
Blue Lives Matter passed in Louisiana on the 147th day. 5/26/2016.

Blue Lives Matter passed 5 months 7 days before 11/2. 
World series=57

Don't you love how they tell us the Dallas shooting was on 7/7. Well 7/7 to 11/2 is 118 days. 
Dallas Texas=118
Baton Rouge=118
I wonder why this story came 118 days later? 

The Baton Rouge Cop shooting was on 7/17 which was 108 days before 11/2.  Cubs and the 108...
Anyway I am telling you this is another story that I was supposed to see and they were giving me clues about the World Series and probably other things. I don't understand it whatsoever but somehow I am for sure being used or supposed to see these media articles. 
I've only lived in 4 places my entire life. The town I live in now..Dunlap, Iowa for the majority. After I graduated I moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa. I've also lived in Des Moines(Johnston), Iowa, and then Mesa, Arizona. 
Now I've explained how Council Bluffs and the town I live in are connected to the Omaha Indians. I've explained how Arizona is connected because of being the 48th state and a lot more(death of Kyle Calloway, film The Darkness). "Iowa"=48

Now this story comes out about 2 cops being killed literally just a few miles from where I lived when I lived in Des Moines. 
This story was giving us a clue as to who was winning the World Series too. 

I moved to Crescent Chase Apartments with my sister and her friend in 2006?  07? They were both going to "La James" Cosmetology school. 
La James....Lebron James...
Crescent Chase Apartments=88
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Notice where I worked(Burger King) is right across the street from a bar called "1908 Draught House". 
Cubs World Series Drought was from 1908. 
Burger King=112... The 112th World Series. 
Michelle Marie Behrendt=108(My sisters name)
Des Moines=40, 103
Billy Goat=40, 103  Cubs had 103 regular season wins. 
I mean talk about how I was supposed to see this story lol. 

The 2nd shooting was 5.7 miles away from where I lived. 
World Series=57

Ha I was just telling my girlfriend too that it's funny how the first shooting happened on Aurora street. Of course reminding us of the Batman shooting in Aurora Colorado. I said, and Aurora is also a suburb of Chicago. She was like "ok" cause she just doesn't get this. Then said well I think of Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty. 
So I just looked it up right now. 

Sleeping Beauty based off of a story by Charles Perrault. 

Perrault born on 1/12....I mean really?
Charles Perrault=69, 177
Princess Aurora=69, 177

Aurora, Illinos the 114th most populous city in the US. 
Cubs got 114th win last night. 
Cubs were in their 114th season being called the Cubs.
Terry Francona is now 11-4 in World Series'. 
Lebron James=114 wins NBA Finals on 6/19...The 114th prime is 619. 
Tie=114....First MLB tie since 2005 when Houston tied the Reds 114 days before the World Series in which Houston lost to Chicago. 
Chris Christie said 114 people injured on the Hoboken Train Wreck same day as that tie. 
What I'm half worried about is the score of Game 7  being 8-7 and how it syncs ups to Hillary Clinton. "Clinton"=87
Deleted Emails=114
We are in the 114th US congress until January 2017. 
World War=114
Pearl Harbor=114
Plus with all the Indians connections to 1948 and the Israel declaring it's independence in 1948 on 14/5. 145 days before the 48' World Series.  Declared by "David Ben Gurion"=145=Chicago Illinois. 
Indians haven't won for 68 years....Think about all of the 68 in regards to 9/11 as well....The Atomic bomb on August 6th or 6/8/1945..  Lou Boudreau dying on Rocky Colavito's 68th bday on August 10th or 10/8...The same day Herbert Hoover was born. HH the only president from Iowa. Hoover would've been 127 years old the day Boudreau died. Think of all the 127 I have been showing.  Hoover the 31st president....31st prime is 127. 

1/14 was also the day Obama was in Baton Rouge in 2016 giving a speech at McKinley High School. 

Both of these officers died right around the Merle Hay Mall. The  2nd shooting was even on Merle Hay Rd. Well Merle Hay is the 1st Iowan and possibly the 1st American to die in World War I. 
Notice he died age 21. 
Twenty One=141=World War III
Merle David Hay=127
Died on 11+3+17=31...127 the 31st prime. 
Hoover the only Iowa president the 31st prez. 
Merle Hay=42, 87....Cubs win 8-7...

The US didn't declare war until 4/6/1917. 
Notice Merle Hay also died 211 days after this. 
No wonder why they kept showing us 11:11 stuff in Game 6 of the World Series. It really is about WWI. The Cubs last World Series was just after WWII came to an end. 
Ozzy and Sharon Split?
This post about Ozzy Osbourne makes a lot more sense now too. 
World War II=132
World War I=123  Ozzy born on 12/3. 
He also bit the head off of the Bat in Des Moines, Iowa 1/20/1982.
Look at that...the first death in the US of World War II was also from Iowa. 
Born on the 148th day of 1908 even...
Cleveland Indians=148....1908 was a leap year but normally it's the 147th day. 
He died on the 112th day of 1940 too...
Age 31....31st prime is 127. 
Robert Losey=55, 64, 154
World War Two=55

 In the article they also reminded us of a story where 2 Des Moines cops died in a Fiery crash on 3/26/16 as well. 
In that crash they were transporting a Council Bluffs, Iowa girl and she also died. 

It was this girl, and what's weird is I swear I have met this person before I just can't figure it out. I used to party at A LOT so I'm wondering if it was from that. Possibly I haven't but she looks very familiar. Anyway notice she was born on 1/14. 

She was born on 1/14  and died in "Waukee, Iowa"=114 which is just outside Des Moines. 
Tosha Nicole Hyatt=69=World War III

Iowa's governor became governor on 1/14.. 
He's also a Freemason and the longest serving governor of any state ever. 
He's also 69 years old right. 
Terry Branstad Freemason and Son's Accident

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