Monday, August 1, 2016

Toya Wright's Brothers Death / Lil Wayne Emergency Landing in Omaha June 13th

I woke up to this story on CNN. Toya Wright is the ex-wife of Rapper "Lil Wayne". 

The story says her brothers died from gunshots in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Just think about it. Wright's brothers, which reminds us of the Wright Brothers who are famous for flying the first successful or controlled airplane. 
Wright's Brothers=83
New Orleans, Louisiana=83

The Airplane reference reminds me of a post I made on June 13th. Lil Wayne had to emergency land his Jet in Omaha. Which also reminded us of Prince who emergency landed just days before his death. 
Lil' Wayne being from New Orleans/Louisiana also reminded me of Obama's trip to Omaha and then Baton Rouge after his Final State of the Union address on 1/12. 

Kitty Hawk=38

Last night I kept waking up and the number 112 was coming up in my dreams. My daughter even woke me up 1 hour 12 minutes after I went to bed. I woke up at 11:20. Oddly enough this story was the first to catch my eye this morning.  The Wright Brothers first flight was on 12/17/1903 which was 112 years ago. Also 139 days before 113th anniversary. 
I want to note Lil Wayne is 33 years old. Also the Wright Brothers plane was exactly 33 years before Pope Francis was born. In my previous post I mentioned how Lil' Wayne turned 33 when Pope Francis was in  Philadelphia, also the Jesuit Orders anniversary.  
Lil' Wayne=101=Philadelphia=Louisiana 
Dwayne Carter Jr=165
No Ceilings Two=165(last album he put out)
Scottish Rite=165
The day Lil Wayne emergency landed in Omaha was June 13th..6/13.  This year it was the 165th day of the year. 
112th prime number is 613.

Notice her brothers were killed 2 months 27 days before her 33rd bday as well. 
New Orleans, Louisiana=227

Her bday also 136 days after June 13th(13/6) when Lil Wayne landed in Omaha. 

The reference to Airplanes also reminds me of Flight 804. Which was 2 months 13 days before 7/31.  7/31 was the 213th day of the year this year. 
Toya Wright=146, 56
Paris, France=56
Cairo Egypt=56
Flight 804 had 56 passengers. 

Also interesting that Toya Wright shares a bday with Hillary Clinton. If you don't include the end date it was 87 days before their birthdays. 
It's also 48 days after 6/13 with no end date.   "Donald Trump"=48
7/31 to Election day is 3 months 8 days. 

Antonia Carter=58, 139=Freemasonry
These deaths occurred 58 days before Lil' Waynes 34th birthday. 


  1. Omaha.. 41/96 co=ordinates
    41° 15′ 0″ N, 96° 0′ 0″ W
    It's a very strange city. Home of the Franklin coverup,
    The Franklin child prostitution ring allegations took place between 1988 and 1991 and involved an alleged child sex ring serving prominent citizens of Nebraska, as well as high-level U.S. politicians.

  2. Wow thanks, I'm gonna look into that. I've never heard of it before.