Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bow Wow Retiring age 29..Like Mike(Film)

Gotta love Bow Wow retiring from rap age 29. 
Bow Wow=29, 101

He announces this 152 days after his 29th bday. 
Philadelphia=101=Bow Wow

Shad Moss=35

The article is a joke somewhat in the fact that Bow Wow hasn't been rapping for a while now. 

The last Album he put out was when he was 22 years 22 days old even. Now he's 29. 

When I see the 22 and 22 all I can think about is how Bow Wow is in the movie called "Like Mike". He also remade the song Basketball by Kurtis Blow. 
Shad Moss=98=National Basketball Association
Interesting in this movie he becomes a member of the professional bball team the "Knights". 
Knights=88 and now he retires from rap on 8/8. 
The team is also from Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles Knights=197=Los Angeles California=Prince
Lil Bow Wow=134=King Charles III
Los Angeles Knights=71(Small)
Interesting we are going into the 71st NBA season this year that ends in the year 17'. 
Like Mike=39
Bow Wow born on 3/9. 

The movie starts off with him wearing an Iverson Jersey. 

They then show us he's at the Chesterfield Group Home Orphanage. Established in 1928 which is 88 years ago in 2016. 

The Bully in the movie is "OX"=39

They even watch the Fresh Prince the beginning and Bow Wow says he wants a family like this to adopt him. 

Interesting the Group Home leader is played by Crispin Glover who is also George Mcfly in Back to the Future. Bow Wow wants to get his shoes he thinks are Michael Jordan's from the power line and get's struck by lightning similar to the Clock tower in Back to the Future. 

They get tickets to the next nights game after the lightning strike before hand as well. 
First off the tickets are for March 15th so that means he got struck by lightning on Pi day 3/14. 
Notice the Seat in Row 14 seat 2. A lot like 142. 
The tickets cost $42. 
Forty Two=142
The game also on the 74th day of the year. 

The movie came out on 7/3.  He gets struck by lightning on the 73rd day of the year. 

T time=22 Finally gives him a nickname and it's C-Dog. 
Cdog=29=Bow Wow=age he retires from rap. 
The whole point of this movie is how Bow Wow wants to be adopted too. At the end he gets adopted by T-Time. 

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