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Death of Ex-Nascar Driver Bryan Clauson-Nebraska Cornhuskers/Moses/Civil War/Royal Theme/Pope Francis/Blood Moon and more.

Today we get the story of Ex-Nascar driver Bryan Clauson's death. 
He actually wrecked on 8/6 and died on 8/7 and story comes out on 8/8. 
Bryan Clauson=46, 55, 145
Chicago=37, 46
Chicago, Illinois=82 145
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Twenty Seven=46, 55, 172. (dies age 27)
We get the story on 8/8 which leaves 145 days in the year. 

He dies age 27.
Notice his first Xfinity race in 2007(27)  and best finish was 27th.

He dies 53 days after his bday. He died because of a wreck in Belleville, Kansas. 
Belleville, Kansas=53
He actually died in Lincoln, Nebraska though. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=411(Jewish)

He wrecked because Ryan Greth made contact. 
Ryan Greth=53, 116

Even dies on his 116th race of the year. 
53 is a number I saw a lot in the Nebraska Cornhusker games last year. The team from Lincoln. 
N=5 U=3  NU=53
Nebraska=35(mirror of 53)

I Talked about how the actor Dean Jones had died on 9/1. He was famous for the movie Herbie:The Love Bug. Nebraska's mascot is Herbie. 

Herbie is # 53
Dean Jones=87  
Interesting Bryan Clauson dies on 8/7. 

Dean Jones dies 219 days after his Bday last year. August 7th is normally the 219th day of the year(Non Leap). 
So Clauson wreck in Belleville, Kansas and dies in Lincoln, Nebraska which is interesting considering the connections to the Civil War. 
Belleville, Kansas=161=American Civil War
Abraham Lincoln=60, 123
Lincoln Nebraska=60, 150

They even tell us in the Article it's the darkest day in the 60 year history. 
Belleville=42, 60, 96 (Located on 97W)
Sixty=34, 97  
Civil War=43, 97

Notice Clauson dies 1 month 23 days after his bday as well. (Abraham Lincoln/Conspiracy)

Kansas was the 34th and last state to join the Union before the Civil War began. Lincoln born on the 43rd day of the year. 
Civil War=43
Kansas became a state 34 days before 3/4 when Lincoln became the president. 
Lincoln dies 4 years 3 days after the Civil war begins in "Charleston"=43
Clauson dying age 27 also reminds me of the recent death of Nebraska Cornhusker Sam Foltz who wore # 27. 
He died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43
Mike Sadler=43(Mich St. Player who died as well)
They died leaving Wales, Wisconsin located on 43N. 
Foltz and Sadler die 14 days before Clauson wrecks. 
14th prime is 43. 
Belleville, Kansas=71(V exception)
Remember Nebraska plays in the "Sea of Red"(Memorial Stadium).
The Ten Commandments=71
Red Sea=34
Aries=34(The Ram)
Golden Calf=43

Seventy One=144
12 Tribes of Israel X 12,000=144,000
The size of the New Jerusalem is 144 Cubits. 

Notice The Love Bug came out exactly 44 years before Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. Interesting it's distributed by Buena Vista as well, which reminds me of the Omaha boy being ate by the Alligator. (Although I know many things have been distributed by them)
Jorge Bergoglio=145(Pope Francis' real name)

I even mentioned how in Herbie Fully Loaded Lindsay Lohan is wearing a shirt with a Blood Moon and the Golden Gate Bridge on it. Last year Pope Francis left the US on the night of the Final Blood Moon of the Tetrad. 
Lindsay Lohan=53, 134
King Charles III=134
Kansas=38, 65=Prince

Clauson=404(Jewish)=Pope Francis=Prince Charles=Queen Camilla
Remember Pope Francis arrived in the US at 4:04pm. 

Last year we got the Nascar deaths in Pennsylvania in August as well. 
James Campbell Jr.=50
Justin Wilson=50
 They were showing the Justin Wilson headlines on the video of Vester Flanagan supposedly shooting Allison Parker/Bridgewater.  
Vester Flanagan=55,145
Interesting this shooting was to avenge the Charleston Church shooting supposedly. 
In the recent stories of Alton Sterling/Philando Castile/Paul Oneal I have mentioned how they keep showing the color "Turquoise". 
Turquoise=46, 55, 145

Clauson also wrecks in Kansas 145 days after the Amtrak Derailment in Kansas that had 145 people on board. The Train was going to "Chicago, Illinois"=145
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
In Regards to 
Moses=71  Lincoln Freed the Slaves like Moses, he was from Illinois like Obama. 
Superbowl Fifty=71  It was played in Levi's Stadium. 
Moses was in the Tribe of Levi. Nebraska played in the Foster Farms bowl last year in Levi's Stadium in San Francisco. 
Herbie:The Love Bug takes place in San Francisco. 
1871 was 145 years ago when the Great Chicago Fire was on 10/8. 
One Hundred Forty Five=108  Willis Tower is 108 stories high. Cubs haven't won in 108 years. 

Clauson won his first race on 10/8/2005. 
Interesting it was 134 years after 1871. 
King Charles III=134
Clauson born in "Sacramento California"=197

Clauson's twitter says he drove the # 88 for Dale Coyne/Jonathan Byrd racing. 
Interesting this story comes out on 8/8. 

Coyne retires as a driver in 1988 to focus on managing Coyne Racing company with Chicago Bears great Walter Payton. 

Their first victory even comes from Justin Wilson who is the racer who died last year in Pennsylvania and who they were showing on the Bridgewater Shooting at the bottom of the screen. 

Clauson raced the # 88 in the Indy 500 that was 71 days before he died. 

Interesting too he got in a wreck the night before on 8/5 as well. It was his 115th race. Notice he thanks Simpson Racing, Spike Chassis for keeping him same. 
Simpson Racing, Spike Chassis=115

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