Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Death of Espn host John Saunders

John Saunders dies today 8/10. 
Fifty Four a number I often see with 108. Today is even 10/8. 

I find it interesting they show that John Saunders brother was famous for playing hockey with the Quebec Nordiques. The Nordiques turned into the Colorado Avalanche in 1995.  The Avalanche play in Denver. 
Notice his name too...Bernie Saunders which reminds us a lot of Bernie Sanders. 

John Saunders played Hockey for the Western Michigan Broncos. 
Yet again reminding us of Denver. 

Notice John Saunders Dies 29 days before the NFL Season begins with the Panthers vs Broncos. 

The NFL season also opens on Bernie Sanders 75th birthday. 
September 8th is 9/8 and 8/9. 
John Peterson Saunders=89
Seventy Five=53(Bernie Sanders 75th bday)

Of Course Saunders born on the 33rd day of the year and dies on the 223rd day of the year. 
He was also born 2/2. 

If you include the end date it's 53 days after the NBA Finals. 

If you include the end date it's 82 days before 9/8. 
82 regular season games....

9/8 has some interesting connections to the NBA. 
National Basketball Association=98
9/8 is the 251st day of the year. (non leap)
251 is the 54th prime number. 
Two Hundred Fifty one=232
Notice the 2:32 video on Espn. 


  1. Guess what the 92nd day after John Saunder's death is? 11/7...November 7th election day my friend...Bernie Saunders lol

  2. The Thursday Night Game on 11/17 is the New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers as well...I figure there's an NFL link here somewhere, Colts vs. Packers 11/6, Buffalo vs Seahawks 11/7

  3. Check out who built the Broncos Indoor Training Facility (Visible on site's scrolling pics on main page)