Thursday, August 25, 2016

110 days before the 110th World Series, 108 days before the 108th World Series.

Like I said in my previous post I needed to look at every WS and see how they connect. The 110th WS was when Giants beat the Royals in 2014. 

7/3 is 110 days before the WS that year, but if you Include the End Date 7/4 is 110 days before the 110th WS.

Notice the Royals played Cleveland Indians. 
The Giants played San Diego Padres. 
Indians=70 vs  Royals=27
Padres=27  vs  Giants=70

This year was also the Giants 57th year in San Francisco after leaving New York in 1957. 
World Series=57

Kansas City=122
San Francisco=122
The Royals lost to Mariners and Giants beat Arizona. 

Royals stayed on 39 wins. 
Giants got 46th was Royals 46th season. 

So let's move on to the 108th WS, I've covered the 111th, 110th, 109th...

The Giants beat the Tigers in the 108th WS. 

108 days before the 108th WS the Tigers played Kansas City. 
Of Course "Kansas City"=122=San Francisco
Tigers=78 and this game was on 7/8. 
Detroit Tigers=70=Giants
Detroit though got their 44th win with a score of 7-1. 
Seventy one=144
Forty Four=144
It was 14 weeks 4 days into the season. 
Detroit=37...Royals stayed on 37 wins. 
Thirty Seven=57
World Series=57

The Giants lost against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 
Pittsburgh=50=San Francisco
Pirates=88  (The Tigers had 88 regular season wins)
Pirates stayed on 37 losses. (World Series)? 
37th prime number is 157. 
One Hundred Eight=157


Well, I've got to go to bed just wanted to document a few more years to see how it fits with the pattern I covered a few days ago. 

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