Saturday, August 13, 2016

R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker dies on August 13th..Time Bandits-Brazil-Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Actor who played R2-D2 dies today on 13/8. 
R Two D Two=138
Olympic Games=138
Donald Trump=138

He was 3 foot 8. 

Baker also dies 239 days after the release of The Force Awakens. 
It reminds me as well of Olivia Munn at the 88th Grammy's saying the Robot Takeover will be on August 27th(239th day). 
She said this on the 239th day of the 239th year of the United States. 
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)  
Remember the new Terminator and it's scene of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

He also died age 81, which is interesting they mention he is also famous for being in the movie "Time Bandits" that came out in 1981. Time Bandits is the 1st part of a Trilogy of Imagination according to director Terry Gilliam. The other films are "Brazil" and "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. 

So interesting we have the Olympics that are in Brazil. Also Baron Munchausen is the movie I was talking about in my first ever copyright struck video on youtube. They were pointing me to the 9/19 date and the numbers 262, and have continued to do so by copyright claiming other videos after that. Baron Munchausen has Robin Williams as the Moon God and a bunch of stuff about Time. I even talked about the book "Ramona Quimby Age 8" that came out in 1981.  

I'm gonna go back and try and watch these movies today/tomorrow. I know a lot more about numerology and gematria than I did when I made the video on 9/19/14. 

Look at that, the first video I made regarding the Copyright strike is even 1:38. 
Youtube Copyright Claims playlist
Vimeo Link to Baron Munchausen Video
The Vimeo link, is not even the complete video I originally had on Youtube, because I fixed it and edited out a good portion of the Robin Williams part Youtube said couldn't be in it. I was too lazy to re add it, hence why I need to rewatch these movies. 

Funny thing is I just made a post in regards to Monty Williams and I felt like there's some type of connection to Monty Python or the Full Monty. 
Terry Gilliam born in Minneapolis and is a member of Monty Python. 
Of Course Prince was from Minnesota as well. 

They also mention Baker was in Flash Gordon. 
Sam J Jones turned 62 yesterday on 8/12. 
Man someone a few years older than me would probably be killing this coding right now. All of these movies are about 10 years before my time as I've never even watched Flash Gordon, only think of the movie TED in regards to Flash Gordon. Mark Wahlberg and Seth Mcfarlane both supposed to be on planes during 9/11 but somehow didn't get on their planes. 

Much more to look into with this story, I think there's a big piece to the bigger picture in this story. 


  1. For another trump connection to R2-D2
    R2 D2 - 80+2+4+2 = 88 in Jewish if you keep the numbers.

    Older yes, but who knew these numbers were all over every thing?

    1. Nice thanks! That's what amazes me the most, is the fact they are on anything I've ever known.